Monday, March 19, 2007

news, updates and stuff

hi gaLs...

i've been SO busy, and i'm so sorry i haven't been able to keep on my timeline... a LOT of cool stuff is happening in RL and SL and i've just fallen behind!

so... i just wanted to give you all an update... there have been a lot of things in the works for awhile, and it's getting CLOSE... so here's the latest...

•••the "model's of the month" on going contest will be coming soon! look for details here (sorry for the long delay!!! :( i still have your pics and WILL get more!

••• "customer's in cLine" will be launched this week!!! yay!
•••exciting motorati girlz news soon! (so, so, so, so, exciting!)

the t.v. show taping for the "today" show was so much fun, and thanks to ALL the "caL gaLs" who showed up. the producers were thrilled and as soon as we get an air date, you will all be the first to know!

ok what else???

oh ya, caLLiefornia is still being built and there is a very exciting surprise in store for you all there!!! i'm beside myself to share it! and was inspired by a few things, including numerous requests!!!

ok, hmmm what else??? *scratches head*

oh ya!!! i have partnered with one of the most talented makers of furniture and buildings i've seen and we've been working hard so my "home" store will include more than candles, rugs, art, mirrors and pillows!!! yay! it's been wonderfully exciting... and i can't wait to tell ya who it is!

ok what else???

oh yes!!! TOMBOY!!! YAY, almost done with that!!! woo hoo, and we've been asked to be on 2 mag covers!!! OMG, yes!!! you haven't met scout yet (my alt for tomboy) but she's a pistol and well, she's getting ready to make her SL debut along with her pal skye... (tuli asturias from lollypop) and uh, well... she's not much like caLLie.. she's really a toughie.. so watch out for her. she LOVES to fight with boys.. and well...

ok.. then... hmmmmm

oh ya!!! well i better zip it on the next thing for now, hehe... but i can't wait to share it all with ya.

thanks for your support, "patience" on the "model's of the month" i PROMISE WE WILL DO IT!!! and...

okie dokie, i'll put up one pic from he today show taping and talk to you all soon!!!!




Friday, March 16, 2007

"kiss me aLL cLover" new rainbowa and "caLidescope" irish eyes

i was feeling sorta sad thinkin' bout my irish friends
about my time in ireland where the green grass never ends
i miss them and their humor, they are like priceless gems
so i whipped up these green treats for you while i thought of them.

happy st. paddy's day, and lots of love to my irish pals way over the sea!!!



Saturday, March 10, 2007

on top??? well almost on top of this picture!!!

i think i gasped when a customer im'd me and said "callie, is that you on the cover of the ava star???" and i was like, "uh... i have NO clue!!!"

and yes'm it is! in my "motorati girlz" lil outfit thingy-ma-bob... hmmm have NO clue who took that picture, lol... but uh.. not my best, hehe.

but honestly, to be in the company of THESE WOMEN!!! these movers and shakers in SL??? lil 'ol me???

well, i have to say, i am BEYOND honored, and so cool to see torrid, (yay) and simone (yay) fellow designers in the pic too... and my RL friend 'in kenzo" the green girl, hehe... and i don't know everyone else, (no we don't all hang out in the "on top" club) hahaha... (there is no such thing) well maybe there is but i have never heard of it, lol.

but anyway, i wanted to share this cuz, it's a good article about how women help shape SL, and that's cool! more than lipstick and lace, and yay!!!

actually i love the AVASTAR as a paper, i always learn something new, every issue, it's an easy read, lots of info, cool places to visit, great finds, etc. i dont know how they do it... but i'm glad they do..

ok that's all for now, back to work in caLLiefornia...



p.s. sorry i didn't put everyone's name in, i don't know them all...

Thursday, March 8, 2007


after going through TONS of entries... we finally chose our winners!!! we really did laugh, and can't believe the great entries we got...

here are our picks!!! and each of the winners will receive prizes, of 1000L gift cards from shiny things, vitamin c, oi boots, house of shai, and "elegance in design". so one 1K prize for each person. there is no TOP winner, all are the same... thanks to everyone who entered!!!

i just can't believe some of these pics, lol... and the quickness needed to take a snap right at the right time... this made me LOVE............. lags, bugs and bork day!!!! hope we have many more...

and remember, when SL gives you lemons, make lemonaide...!!!!! and heck, at the rate we get 'em, let's set up some lemonade stands :P

xoxoxo, caLLie


1. serendipity nerd

2. encore mayne

3. sara petrova

4. carmen sukra

5. Ilianexsi Sojourner

Sunday, March 4, 2007

••• A STAR IS BORN!!! •••

OMG, when i was invited to get my very own STAR on the "walk of fame" i was just too excited to speak! i mean since i was a little girl, i loved walking down hollywood blvd. looking at all the stars..

i was even more shocked to see that fans had arrived to see me "get my star" even bianca darling, ceo of aspire magazine was there, and so many other notable people, can you pick them out??? ;)

the cement was ooie and gooie, wet and cold, i knew i'd have to shake a lot of hands afterwards so i so hoped it would wash off so i didn't get anyone dirty!

i was a bit tongue tied when i was asked to give a little speech afterwards!!! but thankfully, my little pal, aradia aridian, joined me on stage, you know she's the real star ;) look how cute she is!!!

speaking of stars... the first one to post on this blog which band sang this song... will win a 1K gift card... :)

"you can see all the stars as you walk along hollywood boulevard...
some that you recognize, some that you've hardly even heard of.."

it was great to have so many of my 'caL gaLs' there to celebrate... they always make me smile, and they are the best group of gaL's i know... i'm constantly honored and amazed at how kind and cool they are... and they are a LOT of fun!!!

so i just had to share with you all this very exciting event!!! thanks to all who made it possible, in this order, "mad" maddie camus, bianca darling, dick clark, arnold shwartzgigger, bariyln bonroe, oddree hipburn, ball booman, lucille doll, martyn ScoreSaysHe, francis pontiac copacola, and all the rest, you know who you are!!!



p.s. check out the new AOL sim... and YOU TOO CAN BE A STAR JUST LIKE ME!!! HAHAHAH
this was a silly way to blog how cool the sim is, lots of fun stuff to do, and it's AOL pointe ;)... thanks to the caL gaLs who showed up and participated... YOU ARE THE STARS!!!! XOXOXOX, caLLie