Wednesday, May 23, 2012

got STEAM??? Steampunk inspired KittyCatS! for RFL of SL Home expo.

Cats @ the KittyCatS! display
Making the RFL cats this year was bitter sweet. A dear friend's father that I've known since my teens has been battling pancreatic cancer, and he died on May 7th. He was one of the most amazing men I had ever met in my entire life. Full of love, life, courage, a pioneer in his career, and as humble as they come.

With him in mind I made these cats... it brought it to a whole new level for me because of the timing. One thing he said when he got diagnosed was "Cancer is the gift of time"... how coincidental it was... that was 2 years ago when they gave him but a month to live... but he was committed to living each day as the GIFT it was... then this year the theme is "Time for a Cure".

The cats were designed with that theme in mind as well. I have always been drawn to steampunk art, and when thinking of what i'd make for this event, i thought a "clock cat" which thankfully evolved into these little cuties.

They come in 2 colors, a Gold & Silver and the Girls and boys are different as well. The boy has the "gears" and mechanics, the girl has all the water inside her which you can see from her heart shaped hole, and she's full of little fish.

KittyCatS! come with collectible packaging & Goggles they wear!
The packaging the cats come in is a cute little "steampunk" inspired aquarium with a little fish that swims... All the elements in the cat and packaging tie into the display at the Home & Garden Expo where the cats can be purchased. ALL proceeds to go Relay For Life!!!!

They can also be purchased at the KittyCatS! mainstore and if you want to know more about KittyCatS! you can check out our website, or join our friendly community, KittyCats Addicts inworld.

A Steampunk cat gets a fun airplane ride over the "goldfish" pond...
have a great week.