Monday, October 6, 2008

boo!!! some halloween stuffs 4 YOU!

hey, i guess it's nearing that time of year! wow, time does fly when you're having fun.. or is it as you get older? or BOTH??? yeah... BOTH!

well i put out some "boo beans" (only 50L each!) and "spooky lights" (both tintable) for some decorating fun. and by popular demand (those old customers don't let you forget a thing, well they remind you of stuff you forget too! at least mine do. *waves to you-know-who-u-r*)

so without further ADO... here's some pics of the BEANS and LIGHTS and "witchy baby" which is only 99L and comes with 2 skirts, (one not shown in photo, it's a flexi mesh one, long) hotpants, top, socks, gloves, hat, and.. oh yeah a cauldron purse with steam. lol...

and oh yeah a free broom that flies is in my shop too (it was a freebie someone else gave out last year but SOOOOOOOOO cute)

anyway grab a broom and head on over to my store (stuff on the left)