Tuesday, January 29, 2008

relay for life news... cLothing fair designers...

winter, spring, summer or fall, this year see it ALL!!!

i'm so excited as a sponsor of the 'relay for life' clothing fair, to be able to share this news with you all!!! here is the list of each designer participating in the fair, and what sim they will be on...

spanning 4 sims, each will be themed after a season!! sounds great doesn't it? well here is the latest news from the Relay's Raider's team..

From Nevar Lobo:

Relay's Raiders have some really exciting things planned for this year's Relay for Life Clothing Fair. I have to tell you we have been working hard to make this a huge event and its turning out bigger then we could have imagined. I am so proud to announce the wonderful designers who have joined with us to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! against cancer this year.

Rose Petal Creations, Designs by Ally Chevalier, Desirae Designs, Armidi, IEVL (Innocently Evil) Allure by Sparkle Skye, Immortelle, Designing Nicky Ree, *ICING*, Milady's Fancy, Little Rebel Designs, Mischief, Vitamin Ci, Gritzi Design, caLLie cLine, Cherry Tokyo's Kimonos, Bossa Nova, Nymphetamine Boutique, Moonshine, IndustriElle, Kays Kloset

Barefoot Apparel, Casa del Shai, Dellycious Wear, Neko Gear, Sensual Designs, Dark Matter & M'Lady's Bridal, Frangipani Designs, BareRose, Digit Darkes, Awesome Designs, *AnnaH* Coture, Kiana Dulce, Aitui, White Rabbit, Pixel Passion, EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads), Dark Eden, Neko Sapien, Analise, PERSONA, Nyte'N'Day

Bewitched Designs, Draconic Kiss, Solange, Beckenbauer Productions, Goth1c0, Sub Rosa, Innovations, Defleur Fashions, Fairy's Grove Creations, The Sweetest Sin, Isobella Esoterica, Stone Keep, 00Gorgeous, CREAMSHOP, Passionate Neko Dreams, Adored Clothing, VR Phlux, Hexed, RPD, Vlintuition, []::Tuli::[]

Elephant Outfitters, Bailers Outfitters, Pushbutton Industries, Devilish Cupcake, SF Designs, CKS Designs, Lapointe Designs, Ambergris Deadly Fashions, House of Rfyre, Nocturnal Threads, Silken Heat, Boneflower Designs, Amaretto, Crucial Creations, LVS & Co (Liquid Velvet Studio) ~silentsparrow~, Rebel Hope Designs, Dks Designs, ShadowWiccan, DE Designs, Luxury by Vindi Vindaloo

Thursday, January 24, 2008

aLways Love ••• dreSSing veNus ••• the goDDess of Love

fit for the "goddess of love", "dressing venus" is a floor length gown made with hand tied sequins, satin, sheer silk and adorned with sequins and pearls.

i've always love the sandro botticelli's painting "the birth of venus" and was able to see it in italy some years ago. i've toyed with using classical art pieces in my ads, and this is the first one i've been happy with.

this special gown was made for the miss universe pageant's tv announcer, "duckyfresh wantanabe" and will be the first release in my "gaLLery" signature collection.

i've always love the sandro botticelli's painting "the birth of venus" and was able to see it in italy some years ago. i've toyed with using classical art pieces in my ads, and this is the first one i've been happy with.

this special gown was made for the miss universe pageant's tv announcer, "duckyfresh wantanabe".

the gown is made of sequins, satin, and sheer silk, with pearl and beaded accents. it comes with the prim skirt attachments, system skirt, glitch pants, top, pearl attachments on the bodice and gloves, and the gloves themselves.

7 colors in this batch: violets, roses, orchids, sky blue, ocean blue, clover AND "duckyfresh" (the one shown in the main ad)
offered in 7 colors, the dress is mod/trans and comes with the top, prim skirt, regular skirt (satin finished), gloves, glitch pants (satin finished) and pearl attachments for the bodice and gloves.

available in caLLiefornia at my main shop, right on the back wall. (excuse the mess as the sim is under construction)

aLways Love,


Monday, January 21, 2008

NAME GAME, for "caL gaL" group members....

I started a fun little "name game" with my group last week, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so i thought i'd share it real quick for you who may want to join.

the normal title for the "caL gaL" group is "love" (with a heart on each side)....

this is how the "game" works...

1. when the group title changes to anything else but the default "love" the first person to im me personally wins "something". so far the prizes have been... outfits, rainbowas™, jeans, CASH, gift cards, did I say "cash"??? and whatever else i may feel like dropping at the moment.

Some of you girls are sooooooooooooooooooo fast... and i did it one day, and it took about 2 minutes for anyone to notice.

So if you like little surprises, and a chance to win a mystery prize... join "caL gaL" and wear your tag, and if you see the title change... im me quick!!!



p.s. don't use the group im for it!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

school days!!! R.I.T. rocks!

yesterday i had perhaps one of the most exciting experiences in my SL/RL life.

i had the honor to speak to the students at 'THE ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and it was so much fun, and such a blast!

how it worked was, a student, Matthew Anthony, (you rock matt!) followed me around as i blabbed about my story in SL, touching on marketing, designing, and the stuff i do in SL, and i was on voice and being projected into their RL class room! that was so cool to me! i could hear them some of the time and the professor was very cool, and the thought being able to share with hungry young minds who i'm sure will do great things in the world, was just such an honor.

they sent a few photos to me so i could see what they were seeing and i just can't even say how much fun i had. their questions were great, their energy was so strong i felt in there with them, and i had the honor today of meeting some of the avatars!!!

i told them i'd post this in my blog, and open it up for them to comment, and again, thanks to you all, thank you "professor" (please send prawn crisps) hehe, and again i wish you all the very best, please keep in touch and i can't WAIT to hear and see what you do in this world. you all have so much promise and the world is waiting for you!

big giant hugsssss!


Thursday, January 10, 2008


1. the paper doll dress up was a fun fun time! thanks to you all who participated and i'm working on finishing up the next one so keep your eyes out!

2. new dresses will be coming out soon as well as some new "mix-n-mash-ups"™

3. some fun events and announcements coming up soon that i am THRILLED about and can't wait to share with you all...

4. i have been participating in the ms. universe pageant and will be a judge for it. it's very exciting and the girls are just amazing. what a wonderful, kind group of gals. really really refreshing to see and experience their excitement, care and passion for life.

5. some other fun stuff in the works AND going to be redoing my sim (that really never got done!) and moving it to a super fun and exciting location!!!

6. gonna be releasing bit by bit things i've had for a long time, short time and new stuff too!

7. have some videos coming out with some more original music, can't wait for that!

gonna be an awesome year!!!

always love,


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Paper doLL aLmost dressed up!!!

part 4 of the paper doll outfit is out... so she's almost dressed up!

the parts left are shown... i left the first parts out a bit longer due to SL issues, but now each day around 12 noon SLT i am changing it...

it's been fun and just WAIT to see who's next, hehehehe.... we have BOYS coming too!!! whoo hoo!! hehe.

anyway, just an update for you all...



p.s. we all have our fond paper doll memories... (well many of us!) and one i have is from my dad who used to sing me this song at least weekly... i'm not sure who sang it originally, but i have fond memories of actually making my own cut out paper dolls, having my little dolls all dressed and sitting on the livingroom floor while he sang:

I'd rather have a paper doll that i can call my own
One that other fellows can not steal
And then those flirty, flirty guys,
with their fliry, flirty eyes,
will have to flirty with dollies that are real

When i come home at night she will be waiting
she'll be the cutest paper doll in all this world
i'd rather have a paper doll that i can call my own
that have a real-life fickle-minded girl.

hahahah, wow, what memories!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

dress up dolls!!!!! yay!!! each piece, each day, 1L!

i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this fun new way to not only "give out freebies" but to also include and feature "models of the month" YAY!!!

so for started you get to dress.... ME!!! hahaha, i'm the guinea pig...

so here's how it works!!!

this dress will be in my shop and each day a NEW piece of the outfit will be in the box for 1L.... at the end of the week... it will go away and be for sale at regular price.

so this week's outfit will be the vanilla "beLLa!!!" party dress... we'll do a couple a month hopefully... and just WAIT till you see who you get to dress up next! hehehe...

ALSO!!! some VERY cool content creators will be part of this little fun thing adding free shoes, hair, and other stuff!!! yay!

so who would YOU like to see in their undies???? hehehe....

oooh and there's MORE... hahah well i'll share that in a new post...

ok so the display will be out in front of my shop... with the first piece in it...

be looking for details on how YOU can be one of the next DOLLS we dress up!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hApPy nEw yEAr!!! resolutions, reflections & of course... raMbLing!


i'm sorta a bit goofy in that on certain holidays, like thanksgiving and new years, and easter, christmas, valentine's day, fourth of july, groundhog's day (great movie btw) i often take time and reflect and stuff like that... (of course i exaggerated!!!)

hahhaha, mostly thanksgiving and new years and my birthday...

so today, i've been doing that... thinking about which resolutions i will make that i plan on keeping... reflecting in ALL lives on the last year, and rambling!!! which i know i can do!!! hahaha.

if i knew how to do a cut, i would right now so you all don't have to see this on the feed but alas, i do not know how.

i know i won't resolve to become more computer savvy, as that would so eat into my creative side... so i'll keep being slow at things like that, hahha.

ok now on a more serious note... if possible... lol...

2007 started with a bang, being asked to be in the ivillage fashion show with paper couture and simone... i'll never forget the excitement of being asked, working to make some new stuff, and doing the show... it was a wonderful experience i'll never forget... i had a quite wonderful year in SL, as far as my business goes... opening "caLLiefornia", and "tomboy", and "home"... having the super cool honor of being in Maxim's Hot 100, signed with Pontiac, being involved in some cool charity events, the Loreal pageant, learning finally to make a flexi skirt i had the guts to release!!! yay!!! making a bow out of prims!!! yay!!! and just so many other unexpected and really awesome things.

i consider my adventures in SL to be super exciting, and i often feel like i'm caught up in a whirl wind and i have NO idea where i will end up next... that is perhaps the most fun about my journey there. so much possibility... so much... endless really... just like RL... and to me the two are one... SL for me is just one way i get to experience RL, and for my line of work (RL) it's exciting as in SL one can really do a lot more as far as getting a business going and all that, putting product out for immediate retail sale (try THAT in RL) and that is quite incredible. no distributors, middle men, agents, publishers, buyers, blah, blah, blah ers....

i'm really thankful that i have had the honor of meeting new friends this year, deepening friendships with older friends, seeing some of my first customers SOAR in their businesses!!! YAY... and just being able to meet so many kindhearted people from all over the world... WHERE else can one do that on a daily basis???

i'm very very excited for 2008 for so many reasons... new business ventures, redoing my SIM, yay!!! focusing on a few high priority projects and of course... staying in the whirlwind of adventure, possibility and fun. (of course with hard work too)

i'm proud of so many whom i have seen just take off and soar with their talents, and i would even name a few but i KNOW i would leave out so many and so i'll NOT even go there... but i will say, the ones who have really inspired me are ones who seem to just exude love, life, giving, and they have inspired me to make my theme for 2008 "aLways Love"... i put it on a mug in my shop in a box for free, and i hope to approach each endeavor i do with that in mind.

i don't mean, hearts and mushy feelings when i say love... i mean the kind of love that seeks to serve, be of service, and that approaches each person, deal, and conversation with a posture of "giving". sometimes that means saying NO to great opportunities knowing one is not the best for the other person's needs, and always for me, it has ended up being the best way to deal with anything.

so i am seeing that i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rambling!!! but i said, resolutions, reflections AND ramblings so you WERE warned!!!

feel free to im me and let me know how to add a cut, hahaha.

oh btw.. as far as caLLie cLine my store goes...

look for...

more contests!!! (like ones i never did but have ready??? 'waves to falloutboy ajax')
more collaborations
more fun
more "compassion in fashion"
and more!!! hahah. ok so much for focus right????

so many ideas and things to do... so little time.

anyway, if you got this far... WOW!!! happy new year to you and heck im me for a free gift.. you deserve something for reading all this!!!

don't know what it will be, i'll just drag out something from my inventory so NO ONES WILL BE THE SAME!!!

hahaha i know i'm a nut.

love to you all and to your families... and may your next year be FULL of as much love, joy, peace and all the stuff money can't buy, yet, is priceless!!