Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-10-10 day four and there's 6 more!

WOW! what awesome response we've all had to this event! thank you! we're so so glad you're enjoying it!

today i'm showing GRIM BABIES "zombie twin back pack" their 110L item, which is MOD so i made it with glowy brains haha! i lOVE it for this time of year, if you have not checked out GRIM BABIES and orpan isle it's a GREAT build and GRIM MISFIT is a veteran SL resident oozing with creativity and kindness.

Zombie twins back pack - back of truth hair

this next photo shows the indyra 10L item (the fabulous scarf!), my 10L item (black heart rock ring) the 110L  TRUTH hair and my part of my dress collection (modded) to show indyra's shoes! :) (shoes and dress are our 110L items)

a little mash up of various items in 10-10-10

as a recap... you can find EACH of the 110L items at ANY of the 10 locations and only ONE 10L item randomly put at each of the 10 locations :)

we're all so glad you're having fun with this!

here is GRIM'S nice thing to do under 10 minutes: Pray for a friend in need.

have a great day all!

callie and the 10-10-10 peeps. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 day two... we're having a blast :)

WOW, yesterday was a really fun day for the kick off of the event! thanks to everyone who sent nice notes and im's and thank you for your enthusiasm!

today i'm showing one of the 110L items. this one from Indyra Originals. these can be found at any of the 10 locations and her 10L item is SOOOOOO cute! i bought it myself and LOVE it!

10-10-10 shoes
these shoes were made for the event and a full line at regular price in 12 colors will come out after the event so this is a great time to pick up a pair of classic meets funky meets cool shoes! they come with her hud to give yourself pedicures and all that stuff :)

i'm not sure where her 10L gift was... but it is SO cute. i think hmmm well i forgot! and we're not really supposed to tell anyway.

here's one more thing in keeping with our theme from Indyra :)

Indyra's under 10 minute thing to do:  Give a notecard to 10 people random people or people on your friends list reminding them they are beautiful just the way they are. (and don't put, "if you think i am too send it back to me" hahaha)

we hope you are all enjoying this event and feel free to pass along the word to anyone you want!  remember you can pick up all LM's for all the locations at any one location. Most inworld groups have sent photos of the 110L items to their groups and i'll continue to blog them as will some others!

have a great monday!

from callie and the 10-10-10 gang.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 YAY IT'S HERE!!!! wanna join in?

yes it's a once in a lifetime event for most of us (the date) and there are some interesting reads about its significance.

for us in SL it means today starts a 10 day event with 10 content creators who have made 10 items for 10L each and 10 items for 110L each. EACH creator has a kiosk in their shop with ALL 10 of the 110L items and ONE random 10L item. (meaning, you won't find my 10L item in my shop, and that's the TRUTH!) hahaha. so it's a celebration, sale and mini hunt of sorts! also, each day one of the 10 will give a little suggestion of something we can do in 10 minutes to make the world or SL a little bit of a better place! (i know im cheesy...)

here is our kiosk!


SO... grab a friend and go have fun... btw, the LM's for all 10 locations are on the kiosk too!

here is a photo of one of the 110L items with this designers "thought for the day"

a black dress/outfit mini collection. scarf included.

Callie's 10 under 10 minute thing to do: SURPRISE SOMEONE!!! call your mom, dad, aunt or other person you know would love to hear from you and let them know you were thinking of them and just say hi! (imagine the joy that could bring them!) and yes, i will do it today too!

tomorrow a new pic, a new "thing to do" and... who knows what else!




Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 more days to 10-10-10 - cuz it only happens once.

yay! in 3 days 10-10-10 will be here! it happens once every 100 years!

we'll have 10 days of great 10L items from 10 awesome people in SL who make some okay stuff :) and the  items will vary from unisex, male AND female!

a list of the 10
so how it will work is... each store will have a kiosk with all 10 of the 110 items and ONE Of the 10L items. the 10L items will be randomly at each location so for example the TRUTH item could be at MAD designs or the caLLie cLine item at MudHoney. these items are being created especially for this event!

more info coming!

love from the 10-10-10 peeps. :)

*list: anthony's republic, barnesworth anubis, caLLie cLine, djinn & tonic, glitterati, grim babies, indyra originals, MAD designs, Mudhoney, TRUTH.

Monday, October 4, 2010

sEvEn days until 10-10-10.... ready?

cuz it only happens ONCE every 100 years!

10 content creators  •  10 locations  •  10 items for 10L
10 items for 110L • 10 day event • a list of 10 things to do? • yes!

more info tomorrow!