Sunday, June 24, 2012

hApPy 9th bIRtHdAY seCoNd LiFe!!! (you don't look a day over 3)

YaY, second life is now 9 years old!!! hard to believe it!

in Honor of the 9 years, KittyCatS! has created a special collectible birthday cat as a way to celebrate with the community. It will be available til June 29th at the 20 sim birthday bash, Our KittyCatS! SL9B sim, and Frolic Island.

birthday cat @ the SL9B KittyCatS! sim... (yes that's my bobble head in the background)

The cats have the "9" theme on them, 9 balloons, 9 stars on the collar, 9 stars on the chest, 9 stars on each side of the body, and 9 little stars on the underside of their paws.... the cat comes in a cute little cake (shown), with a hat, balloon and cute food that looks like a birthday cake :)

you can get them here, here and here!

we also have a sim apart from the 20 sim birthday bash, decorated like a jungle where you can admire cute birthday boxes all decorated by our amazing creative community! There are free gifts there too from some SL content creators who are part of the KittyCatS! community.

KittyCatS! Birthday Jungle Sim

here is a photo of our exhibit at SL9B, yes a KittyCatS! dance party!!!

Gogo dancing Kitties!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  second life!!! May you have many many more! And happy birthday to all the friends i've made in SL... you've made my experience all the richer :)