Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cHriStmAs "rainbowa" 4 ALL.... •• mErrY cHriStmaS •• everyone

many thanks to friends old and new, you've made my year happy and blue, i write silly poems when i make some posts, and this is one dumbest from coast to coasts, but i'll post in anyway, cuz i want to say, i hope you have a happy holiday, spread the love to everyone you know, and even the poor stranger standing in the snow, i love that this poem is so bad and poor, with rhyming for rhymes' sake, and that i abhor, but i'll do it anyway just to let you know, i'm giving out free "bowas", my store has em' so GO!!! xoxoxo, caLLie p.s. in Plush Lambda... but not for LONG!!! caLLiefornia, here we come!!! (ok, so i'm a dork in a silly mood!!!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

OMG me??? a COVER girL????

yes!!! it finally happenend! my very first magazine cover and wow, how exciting. i so enjoyed working with korbin king, editor of OMG magazine and was really exited to be asked to be on the december cover, way back in october!

it's a cool magazine for men and women, but mostly men, and has a great fashion section. i'm interviewed inside too, and there are some cool pictures in the spread (8 pages) hey, that's the same that was in Aspire!

anyway, can't wait for you all to see it, and wanted to give you the sneak peak first!

i comes out later today or tomorrow, and features my limited edition gown (sans boa) on the cover.

it's FUN to be an official "cover girL" yay!

thanks korbin for the opportunity and i hope you all enjoy the article and the magazine.



P.S. the mag is available at my shop in Plush Lambda, out front next to second style and aspire, and at the OMG Magazine offices. ;)

warm up the room with "gLacieR iCe" limited edition gown

featured on the cover of OMG magazine, which comes out tomorrow, i present:

"GLACIER ICE". it's limited to 50 pieces and will go on sale tommorow morning. it's an elegant and classy gown that looks fantastic on, understated, but still makes a strong impression. classy.

it comes as shown, with these pieces...

• fur lined dress top with sexy low cut back
• dress bottom
• glitch pants
• flexi fur bow for back
• fur arm attachments, to be worn with or without gloves
• gloves
• white feather boa
• limited edtion "eva" pump with DIAMONDS by Lassitude & Ennui
• limted edition elexor matador diamond, blue diamond, and sapphire bracelet
• package of my winter snowflakes.

it is mod/transfer and comes in a lovely ice crystal with a rotating snowflake inside.
price is $2500.

happy winter!



mix and match caLLie cLine ASPIRE FASHION SHOW

i get asked by my customers all the time about mixing and matching... so when i was asked to do the aspire fashion show, i decided to make my showing a collection of my pieces mixed and matched. it was a lot of fun, and these pics show what i came up with.

besides my limited gown, coming out tomorrow, these are all outfits made up of different pieces.

hope you enjoy! 0h btw, all shoes are lassitude and ennui...



Saturday, December 9, 2006

"bowa's" and BIG brother!!

i had fun today going to visit fellow designer, KIT, in the "big brother" glass house. i had never met her, but wanted to go and just check out the sim and say hello. she said six kennedy had been there earlier and my good pal in crime ally geer has been out a lot to visit.

it's funny... reality TV in SL, lol. i've seen it all! i decided to give them all one of my "rainbowa's" as a little gift and they put them on, so i took a pic! hehe... even the guys got them.

so here's the pics i took, i voted for kit, cuz, well, she's a designer, and we gotta stick together ;) the other people were really nice too.

hope ya like the photos!!!



Thursday, December 7, 2006

caLLie and cars???

it's with great excitement that i make this announcement. i am embarking on an exciting new venture in conjunction with PONTIAC'S "motorati" sim, and will be doing a brand extension of my "checkered flag girlz" to develop the "motorati girlz"!

this will be a very exciting project and the "motorati girlz" will have a "headquaters" on PONTIAC'S "ride" sim. if you don't know much about the sims, (6 in all) you should really go take a look at it, there's going to be a lot of fun happening there, with clubs, shops, race tracks, drag strips, an amusement park, drive in theater and so much more. it's a sim that celebrates the car culture and with the past, present and future of automobiles, there will be a lot to experience! it's in the building stages now, but you can feel the energy and excitement!

i'll tell you more in the coming days about this, but for now, know that i'll be looking for official "motorati girlz" to appear at events to wave "checkered flags", appear in promotional items, model the "motorati girlz" clothing line, and so, so, so, much more!

i will also be looking for "official" sponsors for the "m girlz" for hair, shoes, and more... so if you're interested in that, give me a hollar! so far we will be partnering with the "ASPIRE" modeling agency for some fun events, we couldn't be more excited to work with their fine team.

so... the fun is about to begin... are you ready girls? cars aren't just for the boys! we're gonna have a great time!

wanna take this ride with me?

i'm ready are you?!



Tuesday, December 5, 2006

••• "siT oN SanTa" photo contest! 2k in prizes! •••

poor old santa is lonely and blue,

his lil ol lap is feelin' cold too,
so come on over and sit on him,
take a pic and you could win!

there are no balls on which to sit,
so you must use your mind and wit,
make your picture cute and fun,
and we'll contact you if you have won!

(the sit on santa contest details are located between callie cline & Kiana Dulce stores in the FUNK plaza in PLUSH LAMBDA. santa is there too, waiting for you! xoxo, caLLie)

Sunday, December 3, 2006

•*•*• fUnKy mOneY is hEre! •*•*•

just in time for holiday shopping "fUnKy mOneY" gift cards are now available! sold in denominations of 200L, 500L, & 1000L, these are great for gifts for ANYONE on your shopping list.

redeemable for all caLLie cLine items! spread a little holiday cheer, and give someone "fUnKy mOneY" for the christmas! comes wrapped with a gorgeous bow, and available at "caLLie cLine" at the FUNK square in PLUSH LAMBDA.

here are some ideas of who to buy for:

1. friends
2. family
3. landlords
4. clients
5. your favorite merchants
6. liasons
7. live help people
8. suprise a newbie!
9. builders
10. your hair dresser ;)
11. club members
12. a linden ;)
13. your favorite SL entertainer, club owner
14. anyone you like!
15. your exe's (haha)
16. your favorite blogger!

ok, that's all i can think of, hehe...