Sunday, September 25, 2011

Felines & Fashion & Fun

I've not posted for a while... I've been uber busy and having a lot of fun creating different things. The platinum hunt was a lot of fun and this first photo is of one of the items from Adorkable Poses, I really love it! It has a bunch of fun poses, is MOD, and was a lot of fun to play with. I got my little cat to jump up for the shot :)

My little Smokey Cat  poses with me

This week we released our 1.09 update and extension which included 2 fun new features. One is "Pet & Play" where you OR anyone who wants to can interact and pet your KittyCat! Adorkable Peapod worked with us creating great animations with so many variations! So now you can relax, pamper or spoil any KittyCat you see just with ONE click. (no need to swap ownership)

the KittyCatS just love it so far and so do I. I find myself working while being in the "relax" mode with my cat. (seen below)

2 of my KittyCatS and me relaxing 

Here is one more shot... this little guy has NO problem being pampered as you can see :)

Spoiled much?
If you'd like to try Petting for yourself, you can tp into the KittyCatS! main store and in the entrance these same 2 cats are on this same couch!  just right click and hit "pet" or "sit" (for some viewers)  and Enjoy!

I'm working on some fun KittyCatS stuff for the holidays and also, some stuff for caLLie cLine and my pumpkin patch will be out VERY soon too :) and my Cat-o-Lanterns :)

Hope you all are well as fall starts.



what i am wearing:

Photo one:
Hair: Truth
Skin: Lara Hurley
Pants: callie cline paisley parade
top: bikini wrap top, callie cline
jewelry: paper couture vintage, and sole
pose: padded room, adorkable
KittyCatS: Genesis Odyssey Eyed Smokey

Photo Two:
Top: Homespun dress top
Skirt: black mon tissue
socks: Kyoot
hair: Tram