Tuesday, July 28, 2015


does anyone see this? 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here they come to save the DAY!


Is it a bird, a plane, a bunny, a horse? NOOOO it's a SuperCat!

Some little kitties decided to dress up for Halloween and go as the most AMAZING gang of Super Heros Evah!

Meet the Dynamic Diva's & the Danger Dudes!

The Dynamic Divas & Danger Dudes!
These cats are so much fun to watch as the jump around and play about!

They are sold with a boy or girl option and the design is randomly given!

You can see them in person at the KittyCatS Mainstore & you can buy them there as well or at on the Marketplace.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing the 3 Collections in our Fall release and I hope to see you around soon!



well, HeLL-O-Kitteh!

Well HeLL-O again!

These cats are DYING to meet you... they come from a place where they have a HeLL-A-Good time and invite you to join them in the madness of Devilish fun.

Meet the HeLL-O-KittehS!

L to R: Pyromaniac, PuRRnicious, Phatasmagoria, Abyssmal, Pandemonium & Hawt Stuff
These cats also come with all the interactive features of any KittyCat AND the extra broom riding feature! They are really really pretty and full of glowy goodness.

They would love to meet and treat you with their devilish presence.

They are available inworld at the KittyCatS Mainstore, (where you can view them) AND on the marketplace! You can purchase them by gender and the design comes randomly.



callie cline

BOO!!! care to meet some silly spooks?

Hi everyone!

I've been quite busy lately and I can hardly believe my last post was in the summer! Time flies doesn't it? I hope you are all have a lovely fall and enjoying the changing of the seasons.

I wanted to take some time to introduce you to some very Silly SpOOkS!

L to R: Peppy, NoBody, Scorned, Trippy, Happy & Sneaky (lying down)

These are one of the Collections from our Fall "Mystical" Line of KittyCatS! As many of you know
most of my SL time is spent these days playing with very cute kitties!

One of the most fun things about the whole mystical collection is the fun interactions... you can fly with a broom with your cat on it with all the cats AND if you use the "walk" feature, you can have on or 50 walk all around you when you TRICK OR TREAT or attend any fun Halloween events!

They are available in the marketplace AND at our KittyCatS Store.

I will do 2 more posts with their other friends... you know how cats are right? They each DEMANDED their OWN blog post!



Monday, June 24, 2013


 To everyone in Second Life... Happy, Happy, Birthday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Splash!!! Happy 10th Birthday Second Life!!!

WOW, is it already Summer? Well technically not yet... but so so close!

KittyCatS! Summer Splash has started strong with a Groovy "Beach Party Movie" style sim celebrating Second Life's TENTH birthday!!! SL you are so old now, and you don't look a day over 3. :)

I joined SL almost 8 years ago and remember them having a "let's get 3,000 people to log in this weekend" campaign! (you got a free dance bracelet if you were one of the ones to log on.) I remember friends saying, "don't forget to log on this weekend!!!" I think I have that dance bracelet somewhere still, it was speculated that it would be worth "a lot of money one day!" any takers? 

There is so much I could say about my time in SL, it's been completely fun, weird, silly, amazing, and I would never have expected 8 years later to be in this virtual world. EVER. EVER.

I've met some truly admirable people, some of whom I now call very dear friends...

So let's get to the KittyCatS! Summer Splash...

This is our 3rd year making an SL birthday cat and it's is available to EVERY resident as our "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" gift to you! :) You can pick it up HERE on our KittyCatS SL10B sim :)

happy birthday to you! 
Here are a few photos of our Summer Splash sim... our community has decorated 17 sandcastles with VERY creative dioramas and if you'd like to roam a nice California beach style sim, please do! You can even ride a MEGAPUSS there! :) look for the "megapuss" rezzer and ride a birthday cat around!

Ahhh the Life!

Upon exploring the sim, you will find cats having the time of their life in a Gidget, Beach Blanket Bingo Style!

Diva Cats on Location at Sandy Shores.
How about one more sneak peak... Did you know there is round the clock Catertainment on the sim? I love this photo of the cute drummer of the Fur Balls!

He's got the Beat!

I'll post more later in the week and please if you take any photos I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them!!! You can post them here!!!

Happy Birthday Second Life, Happy Birthday to all my fellow community residents! I am truly thankful for your contributions to this world that many of us enjoy in our life.


callie cline

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sPriNg hAS SpRunG!!!! - Wild FlowerS! and Scrambled EggS!

happy spring everyone!

i hope you are enjoying the changing of the season... butterflies are fluttering about, humming birds visiting my yard and the temperature rising is making every thing bloom!!! it's quite beautiful and intoxicating.

the arrival of spring this year made it's way into the latest collection i designed for KittyCatS! - like every collection i do, i'm always a little worried the inspiration won't strike or an idea will not turn out... that was the case when doing both of these collections.

the Wild FlowerS! were inspired by thinking of mixing one of my favorite textures, leopard print and flowers... the result ended up being quite different than i had imagined at first and i'm so GLAD!!!

take a peek!

wild flower vendor ad

wild flower group photo
the second design "Scrambled Eggs" were inspired by the colors of spring with a lean towards how some easter eggs are and other spring are decorated. it was fun to imagine the KittyCatS themselves playing and painting each other. the story that i worked from is, they were so inspired by the colors of sping and wanted to decorate each other to fit in too. they thought being an egg would be a good idea but they didn't really understand how easter eggs fit into the whole thing so they named themselves silly things like "souffle", "sunny side up", "omelette", you get the picture. but they were so proud of themselves they presented themselves as "the scrambled eggs! who had the heart to tell them they really DID get it "scrambled"? not me!

take a peek!

scrambled eggs vendor ad

both collections come with a special surprise! by breeding a pair together, they would give you a special baby, the flowers gave a "wild child" and the scrambled eggs gave a "deviled". complete with a set of bunny ears and a little cotton tail, nodding again to the newborn baby animals of spring :) 

take a look!

Wild Child Kitten

Deviled "egg" kitten

This Spring collection is available on the marketplace and at the KittyCatS main store thru April 15th. 

if you are in the mood for some spring fun wrapped up in a cute little KittyCat... well i'm thinking you may enjoy these :)

have a happy spring, enjoy the beginning of a new season, the melting of the winter chill and the time to start some things new and fresh. 



Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bugs & The Bees, MegaPuss, 2 years, One Billion, & more!

Wow... what a crazy month so far!!! KittyCatS! turned two... and the party is still going on at our birthday sim, where you can RIDE a  MegaPuss, (rideable cat), get a FREE birthday Kitty with CAKE food :), and dance, ride a bull, see an indian village and more! (the free Bday cats are available until the end of the month)

What is a MegaPuss??? It's a KittyCatS you can RIDE and also have a friend ride on back!!! Tinies can even ride them!! (see photo) Our community has gone wild over these, and i'm sure you can guess they've had fun with the name as well :/

We had a 5 hour party and it was a blast...
The Team was wanted... for various reasons...

We also released our adorable "Bugs & Bees" collection. To celebrate LOVE and all things buzzin' and stuff. These are available until the end of the month!

The Lover, The Poet, The Diva, The Artist & The Writer

 BlueBeeDoobie, PeachyKeen, Rainbo Sherbet, PinkPassion & MellowYellow

We also had some fun with Mardi Gras... where our community had a chance at a surprise mardi gras Kitty! That was tons of fun too!

I've been so busy, not had any time for designing out side of KittyCatS! but I did manage to get some Mesh hair to finally work!! (thank to old Gurl Six bangs) and I got a new skin... so that was my other big news! :P Thanks to Barely Texan who MADE me buy the skin and eyes. (ok he really didn't make me... i made the choice and i only had to tweak my face for about 10 minutes to get it to work!)

yay new skin & hair and eyes!
I was also honored to be a sponsor for one billion rising, an amazing event that lasted 24 hours to raise awareness about violence towards women world wide...  KittyCatS! was also a proud sponsor too. I'm constantly amazed at the work and creative ways SL supports RL causes.

Well, I have more news for this month but not anymore time to blog so it will come later! It's already a great year and gonna get "bettah", "bettah", "bettah"...



Monday, January 7, 2013

SnowBallS!!!! GRID WIDE GIFT TO ALL!!! and 23 more gifts!!!

happy new year to everyone from KittyCatS! and me too!!!

there are 3 days left to get your little snowball cat as well as 23 other gifts from:

Malt, Hoorenbeek, Barnesworth Anubis, A.D.D. Andel!, Adore & Abhor / Mabinogion, DDM Designs, True North Designs, zanzeCasa de Bebe, Mood Swings, q-bee, Dreamscapes, Somnia, je suis, Silken Moon, Malt, [pIRA], Barnesworth Anubis [ba], Designs by Isaura, ~Sa-eela~,Ruca Tease, Funky Junk, caLLie cLine, .:ChiChiBoo's:, hoorenbeek, KittyCatS! Limited Edition Holiday Cat

they are all in the kittycats & friends advent calendar...
GET THEM ALL HERE!!! cat is on day 24!!! 

you can see each gift on Harper Beresford's blog...  you may need to scroll back... to dec. 1.

snowball add for xmas

snowflake new years ad
 i really hope you enjoy the gifts and the cute snowball kitty!!

many thanks to all the creators who participated in this really fun event!!!




Sunday, October 28, 2012

ZOOM BROOM - haLLoween GIFT!! & Mommie's Little Monsters!

if you want a cute little "skelecat" to fly around your head for the next few days... come on down to the KittyCatS! sim and click the PUMPKIN cat in the middle courtyard... and it's YOURS!!! :) (one per avatar)

the gift is the flying cats on the broom

available at the KittyCats! main store here is your taxi!!! 

ALSO... the babies from the "SPOOKY" collection cats have been discovered!!! and here they are... Mommie's Little Monsters! :) the entire collection was inspired in part by old b&w horror films... so this was a fun collection to work on!! :)

the Spooky Collection will be available until Nov. 1... then they will poof into the darkness of the night...