Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leprecats! Feeling lucky anyone?

I had so much FUN making these KittyCatS for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. They have Emerald eyes and collars and are sold singly, as a boy or girl or in pairs. if you breed these 2 special KittyCatS you can have a special Leprekitten... and only 100 of those will ever be born.

it's not easy being green. 

I'll be putting out my green bowas and "kiss me all clover" stuff too in my store... but wanted to show you these first :)

They are available at the KittyCatS sim, Pampered Pets in So caL, and The Mango Yacht club. They are transferable too so they could make a cute gift for someone who likes green leopard cats!

OOOOOH and Barnesworth Anubis made a CUTE Leprecat Hideway house for them that's SO adorable :) it's at all the locations too :)