Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey fashionistas.... COMIC CONTEST.... 18K in cash prizes!

KittyCatS! is having a "comic-cats" contest and we'd love to open it up to anyone who is clever, creative and would have fun doing it :) We love what the fashion community as come up with thus far in their photos and some for SURE almost beg for some humorous captions :)

You don't have to own a KittyCat to enter, just have one in your comic. :)

here is the flyer for it and you can get the complete rules by clicking the poster in our store lobby on the KittyCatS sim.

So... if you are so inclined.... we can't WAIT to see what you come up with :)



*cat shown is a KittyCatS Genesis "Coco" cat with Meadow eyes. He's available for photo shoots :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meow!!! Give me platinum please!

KittyCatS! is excitedly participating in the platinum hunt :) Our cats wanted us to make a special collar for them so... of course we did. (we know who the real bosses are) Along with their collar in the gift box are "owners" collars... that match theirs. (they are quite generous and like their owners to have little gifts too)

anyway... these work on a KittyCatS! cat, (the collar for the cat) but the rest can be used by anyone... if you want  more info on KittyCatS! you can check out our inworld group KittyCatS Addicts or visit the KittyCatS! sim and take a look at the kitties roaming the place.

a collection of white russian cats with platinum eyes (click to enlarge)

if you've not heard of KittyCatS they are a pet that you can cuddle (they jump into your arms), play with, (they fetch a ball you throw for them) pose for uber cute photos, and even breed to make baby kittens! If you wish to know more you can check out our website too... :)

enjoy the hunt.... oh the hint is... behind the lobby is your lucky fortune

good luck!


PLATINUM HUNT!!! simply priceless !

i'm part of the platinum hunt in 2 ways this year... one under the caLLie cLine brand where i have put out some very very detailed never released jeans. i LOVED making these jeans and took a VERY long time adding tons of details... i really hope you like them :) they come with a pair of sculpted cuffs too that are embellished to match the jeans....

jeans front and back view
in the photo i am holding 2 little cuties... a white russian KittyCat with "platinum eyes" and my sweet little Flame kitty with soft fold ears and gerbera blue eyes :) i opted for them instead of a shirt :P

oh i am also wearing some hair from Milana and a Lara Hurley skin... and the collar is from the KittyCatS gift which will see more about in my next post! :)

the jeans are in my main  store and the hint is "I love what you can find in the ocean"

good luck!