Tuesday, August 24, 2010

an open thank you letter...


After returning from a very much needed holiday and break, I am beginning to sort through emails, notecards and have found so many kind notes, invitations to events, and I just wanted to thank you all.

My notecards and inventory in SL have been strange lately, (meaning a lot of them don't load or show up after it says "so and so gave you this note".) I'm not quite sure why, but I am in the process of working on it again with LL.

So this note is a note to say thank you. Thank you for thinking of me for your events, faires, hunts, groups, and all the wonderful things you are doing. I'm sorry I've not been able to reply nor participate in them all but I want you to know that I feel honored to be asked. So many of you do such amazing things in SL and I hear so much about how awesome your things are.

So again, as I organize and sort through things I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the event coordinators, designers, managers, bloggers, and all of you who contribute to our very alive and vibrant and diverse community.

You all rock!


p.s. a HUGE thank you to my amazing customers that always put a huge smile on my face with their notes and stuff. you continue to bless me and i'm SOOOO thankful for you :) you are the best xoxoxox

Monday, August 23, 2010


New!!! A classic ribbed bikini that comes in 6 colors. Black, lobster, abalone, water, sea weed and shell. Chest attachment piece adds just a bit of extra detail.

Available individually or as a max pack. (max pack has a special edition inside) On sale this week.

available at my main store next to the grand staircase on the right.



Sunday, August 15, 2010

ZOMBIE HUNT GIFT... little summer update too.

this is the gift i have in my store for the zombie popcorn hunt gift :). i LOVE the zombie popcorn events a LOT. the hint is "hello kitty" or something to do with kitties :) .... i don't usually hide things very hard!

here is the photo :)

oh also.... on the first floor of my hopefully soon to be redone store a lot of stuff is 50L or on sale including my tank packs (3 per pack on all layers) and jeans and rock rings n stuff.  it's been a pretty busy summer!

anyway i hope you like this corsette, this color version is only for this hunt and will be FOREVER GONE after this hunt!!! oh nooooooo!! hahaha. but i'll be putting out the others soon. one is at the Potter's Field awesome event tho :)

ok well, hope you all are having a fun summer and i'll be blogging soon. like in 2 minutes lol about something else!!


credits: pose, some very old one, skin, hybrid 3 customized, jeans, cc ltd. unreleased. arm cuff: cc signature leather arm cuff. hair: truth. i think that's it!