Monday, June 30, 2008

"modeL of the month" winner... Lilah Fairey

congrats to the "caLLie cLine modeL of the month" for JULY!!! Lilah Fairey!!!

Lilah was chosen for her style, excellent photos and perfectly filled out application!!! (details matter) but really, the instructions aren't that hard...

caLLie did the shoot with Lilah a few days ago and this look sorta just happened! the look was a totaly departure for Lilah who was prepared, ready and quite amazing to work with! they had a blast.

this ad will appear in the Best Of SL magazine and in caLLie's new shop... which will be done soon!!!

entries are being taken now for the August model... kiosk in the caLLie cLine main shop in caLLiefornia.

thanks to everyone who submitted applications... please submit again for next month if you wish to be selected...

caLLie wanted me to make sure to let eveyrone know it was VERY hard to select just one from SO many amazing avatars and to keep up the great work.

for caLLie...


p.s. this outfit is for sale... in caLLie's shop... look for this ad!!! it contains the shirt, belt and rocker glitter pants... boots sold seperatly.... (shirt is tintable and says "aLways love" in french)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hAPpY biRthDaY SECOND LIFE ™™™™™™™™

a few weeks ago i put in an application to do an exhibit for SL5b (the big 20 sim SL birthday party that lasts 2 weeks)

i have been busier than ever... and one day i log in to find out i had been given a nice 4092m parcel!!!

ack!!! I HAD NO BUILDER (i can't build much) I HAD NO IDEAS FOR WHAT I'D DO (i never thought i'd be given land) I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I HAD GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!! (story of my life)

anyway... after consulting with an amazing builder, charlotte bartlett, and sort of planning out a rough idea of a DREAM in 2 parts... (only part one shown in these photos) i started working a bit myself doing what i could (which was not too much building wize)

then poor charlotte lost her DSL and i FREAKED!!!!! so pretty much i have been up non stop for a week using my very limited building skills and imagination and i really had one of the most fun times ever in my SL working on this.

AMAZING people came running to my side to help... (as i cried, whined, begged and pleaded) and i hope you all can come check out the exhibit... AND GRAB SOME FUN FREEBIES UPSTAIRS... from ppl like DIGIT DARKES, GRIM BABIES, and me... hehe, and MORE FREE STUFF AND "caLLie crap" (cheezy souveniers) will be added daily!!!!


stay 'TUNED', hahaha



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

rotting in jail....

it's been a LONG time since i've posted... i've been uber busy with projects and stuff... this weekend was great for so many reasons... one was the RFL event at the Haute Couture sims... i had the honor (?) of sharing my cell with moxie and forda... (the HSC & co owners) and it was a lot of fun.

there were a lot of ppl there having a blast for the cause and all the teams raised over $7500. usd in one day!!! how cool is that?

just to be a tiny part of such an enthusiastic and dedicated group is very exciting... here are a few photos i took!!!

someone said... "your friend will bail you out of jail... your real friends will be in there with you!" so yay! a few joined us!!! i think forda was sleeping or weary from lack of food & water.

we did little dances, and whatever it took to get our bail goal met... did we??? uh... not gonna tell... :)

the always "loving" and ready to party "caL gaLs" showed up to lend their support for the cause!!! i LOVE my group and how much they let me bug them.... (also... moxie and forda gave out great dresses to anyone who donated!) that was a big draw!!!
love you gaLs!!!

i'll post more about my amazing weekend in a bit!!! for now... signing off!!! hope you all are doing great!!