Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KittyCatS! take YOUR pick!

hello all you fashionistas out there AND other SL readers who have KittyCatS! (and those of you who don't)

We have just released our new "starter" packs... what this means is... the Kittens that are bought in our shop contain new "genes" including a brand new breed, and some other furs and eyes and now "whiskers" that can come in different types :)  (btw... we love seeing how you "wear" your cats to match your outfits)

a mix of KittyCat Breeds.
Our new Kitten Packs contain the 5 "genesis" cats which hold ALL the traits for all the other breeds. When you purchase a new pair (or pairs) your cats will include their own genes, and will be one of the 5 "Genesis". (in the photo above the middle black and white is "Domino" one of the Gensis cats)

If you are new to breeding cats this is a great time to try it out. You can get a pair with a weeks worth of food if you want to give it a try OR... you can go to many of the awesome KittyCatS markets our customers own (look in search) and see some of the beautiful cats they have bred. (all the others in the photo are just a few)




p.s. some clothing stuff coming soon! been sorta a crazy cat lady for a long time :P