Monday, August 27, 2007

slcc • water & caffeine • fashion and fun

the "rock-N-fashion" impromptu event turned out to be a "sim-crashing-smashing" success!!! we had a nice crowd and danced with some of SL's nicest people, some designers, models, and fashion & music lovers.

so a great turn out for "caffeine au go-go's" first "official event"... we've had some private little gatherings that have been a blast... and the club is quickly turning into a fun place to hang, jump on stage and "rock out", play games and overall just hang out while listening to the musical journey dj "shane hornet" will take you on... rock with a punk edge, mixed with martini music, don ho and funky tunes from soul music, you'll never know what you'll hear, but you'll dig it...

more on our offical grand opening soon, and the next "rock-N-fashion" event!!!


before our little gathering, there was an offical Leather and Lace ball held at the underwater club on the pontiac motorati sim... the party went from 6pm until midnight and though i only stayed for one set, i heard the event rocked!!! i had a blast

here's a few pics... i love the modded slcc custom dj booth that was created for the event... shane took the 7-8pm slot...
(lizbeth ladybird, club owner, shane and me)

rockin and dancing on the cool dj booth!

so anyway, it was a great night, and fun to have people on the sim listening to the feed from slcc, as well as hunt for those great magic mushrooms!!!



Saturday, August 25, 2007

slcc, party, and "rock-N-fashion" party

this is a quick impromptu party to celebrate with our friends at SLCC in chicago~!!!!! talked to REBEL HOPE today and they are all having a blast!!! so we're gonna kick off the first of a new series of ongoing events that will be happening regularly called "rock-N-fashion"....

look for more "rockin' fashion" events soon, where your favorite designers, fashionistas and bloggers set the theme's and co-host the events with yours truly...

it's gonna be a blast!

what could be better than rock-n-fashion?? well maybe pb&j... peanut butter and jelly or wine and cheese or.... sun and fun.. but heck... we're gonna go with MUSIC and FASHION!!!

see ya soon...



oh, p.s. music provided by shane hornet and if you have NOT heard him dj, you're in for a treat!!!! GREAT diverse musical selections...

Friday, August 24, 2007

TIN ROOF........... RUSTED!!!

"love shacks" now at ::home:: by caLLie cLine

these adorable cozy little "love shacks" come in 5 yummy colors and each are named to go with the "love shack" theme... there's:






and more colors coming soon for even more 'Lovin'

the "love shacks" are low prim, fully mod, copy, and adorable!!! so if you have a bit of land you wanna get "cozy" in, check them out!!! they are at my ::home:: store which is right to the left of my main shop in caLLiefornia (top of my pics) also...

ALL FURNITURE IS NOW PRICED AND FOR SALE!!! there are a few pieces out so you can try the menu of cool poses that come in each piece of furniture!!!

ty for all of you who have waited so so so patiently!!!!



Sunday, August 19, 2007

sun • storms • silence • and another year older

this post is a bit different in that it's not about really anything to do with caLLie, but more a bit of my thoughts on the birthday i had the other day, and it turning into a birthday "weekend"...

i love my birthday. i guess cuz my mom and dad used to make it very special, as did my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and stuff. in my family in many ways i was the "first", first child, first girl, and just some other stuff, and my parents, friends, relatives always made my birthday very special. not so much with a lot of presents, (but yes a lot of those) but just little special things... like picking what i wanted for dinner, or where we'd go for the day, and stuff like that.

it was the one day of the year i could "get my way" and not feel one ounce of guilt about it. when i got a bit older, a friend i made used to talk about "birthday weekends" which i of course, thought was a fantastic idea... a whole WEEKEND of being spoiled... then one year i had a wednesday birthday, so i coined "birthday week", and then when i got bratty, i'd announce 'hey i'ts my birthday month" and someone close said, "hell, it's your birthday life!" which, made me quite happy! but not in a real way, just sorta a bratty, "ok, i'll take it!!!" kind of joking...

those of you who know me in SL or RL know i LOVE presents... what girl doesn't??? but the weird thing is, when anyone asks what i want for my birthday, i never as an adult have been able to come up with a list of what i want, cuz really, i have everything i want, and i'm quite content with small things, i think i like the thought of someone thinking of me enough to take time out of their life to send a card, note, make a phone call, and those little things that for me add up as "presents"...

so this year, i had a simple, simply wonderful birthday, and it's still my birthday weekend, and i've decided to go ahead and go with the birthday month!!!

so i wanted to share a bit of why this birthday was so special...

first, i logged on to sl to find my store full of red balloons and i love that song 99 luft balloons that was a hit when i was a kid... so it was sentimental... some of my cal gals sent wishes and gifts, and that was so sweet, some very dear SL friends who found out my location sent the most amazing roses and decadent chocolate truffles!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'm savoring them slowly.... i was so very excited to have the desk call me with the "arrival" and oh yes a bunch of balloons too... and to see it was from my SL friends. i was like OMG... SL is NOT a game!!! hehe.

and then a good friend wished me a sunny day then a big storm later....

i LOVE STORMS... and where i live we hardly EVER get them... EVER.. so when we do, i am very happy, the louder then thunder the better...

so i was laying out reading at the pool at the spa out at the resort where i still am...

i had been reading, sunning, and looking towards the hills where there seemed to be a storm on the way!!! i really coudln't believe it!!!! it was almost 4:30, a perfect time for an afternoon storm!!! and it seemed headed right my way!!!

i hoped and hoped it would come right over me and rain on me... and i wanted to go in the pool to experience it!!!
so i did that, and then was told, get out of the pool, there's lightning... hahah, but i shot this photo from the pool as the storm approached... (then jumped out quick)

so, then it came right over us and poured HUGE drops of ice cold rain on my already hot legs from the air temp of over 100 degrees and the contrast was shocking then it was quite amazing... to feel the heat of the day and the cold rain drops... my birthday wish from my dear friend had arrived!!!

i was so happy... closed my eyes and just soaked it in, watched some people across the golf course put a ton of suds in their hot tub that grew to like 8 feet high, they lit these huge torches and seemed, as i was, to be enjoying the storm. the white house in the one photo is supposed to be owned by the owner of the raiders and the ones with the torch party tub thing by some big movie producer who's name i forgot. lol

i looked up, and shot this next photo, (all these were taken with my cam phone which is not that good) i love the bright colors...

then, the storm passed quietly, and the silence it left was one of the most beautiful sounds i've ever heard... yes silence has a sound... it was such a perfect gift i had to soak it all in... and as to not ruin it, i decided to head back to my villa, and on the way out, i saw this lovely black swan with pink on it's face... i had to sneak up on him to take his photo and use my zoom, so it's not that good, but he seemed to be soaking up the tranquil peace that filled the balmy air...

then the evening arrived with this beautiful sunset...

i'll close now by saying last night, which was not my actually birthday, i told the manager of the resturant i went out to how wonderful our server was, and also commented on the most lovely small green glass plates (like sea glass one of the things i collect) and i was tempted to "take one" as a souvenier, but couldn't so as i was telling her how much i liked them, she was trying to think of where i could get one, then said, "oh here, just take one but dn't tell" so i put one in my to go bag and was overjoyed!!! then a minute later she returned with one all wrapped up and said here, this one is clean, and i said 'oh but i already took one it's ok" and she smiled and said, "well now you have a pair" and i couldn't believe it!!!

(i collect little small interesting plates to put candles on or anything little thing i collect) so i was overjoyed!!!

so all in all, it has been a great birthday weekend, so far and it's getting better all the time!!!!

ok well that's all for now, but i might as well add, if you've read this far...

all my rainbowas are on sale at my sim for 99L, hahaha



Friday, August 17, 2007

fashion fire frenzy

hi eveyone...

i'm not sure if this is a dumb idea to post this publicly, but... i'd dig on doing a burning man build of "fashion, fire, & frenzy" with some of my fellow designers...

i think we could do an awesome build, dispay, etc...

if any of you fellow fashionistas are interested in joining in, drop me a notecard and we can see what we come up with...

it will be a well atteneded event, adn i've loved looking at what others have done in th epast and i'd dig on doing somehting with some of my fellow designers...

fashionistas on fire!!!!

join that group if you're interested

xoxo, caLLie

Thursday, August 16, 2007

new blog feature!!!

i just found this today and i'm so excited cuz i've been working on some fashion music videos and other fun stuff and now there's this cute little thing on the side of my blog that let's you click and watch the videos!!!

the only drawback is that you can't remove a link that may not work well, like the second one in the bar, but... it's a start!!!

can't wait to show you the new videos, songs and stuff....

wow, i love technology! well when i can figure out easy stuff ;)



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MMM party pics!!!!

the "maxim motorati madness" party was SO MUCH FUN... i had an amazing time... i had been having the most terrible lag all day/week, (as i am on vacation on a unstable connection) so i thought for sure i was NOT gonna be able to even log in. but for some reason (i did pray) i had NO lag at all until the very end when the sim crashed!!! a lot of girls named ruth showed up, lol, and i took tons of photos, but i picked some of the best to show you a bit here...

(whoever took those photos at the end when i couldn't see myself PLEASE send me some cuz i want to see you all!!!!)

this party was to sorta "wrap" the tours, open the "beach club" and celebrate!!!

i'd like to say a heart felt thank you to our very generous sponsors who donated wonderful gifts that were given out during the tours:

• nicky ree (custom made motorati racing suit)
• garbage prototype (men's hair)
• six kennedy (women's hair)
• feri beckenbaurer (red leather oi boots)

also special thanks to shane hornet who provided the music and special welcome for the tour goers when we arrived to the club, and amanda shinji for the cute R/C cars each person received. also ty to maddie camus for working SO hard to get the club ready for the tours, and to all the motorati girls who helped decorate, be available for video shoots and all that you did... ally, kiana, maddie & bianca... you all were amazing to work with.

ok, that's all for now!!!



Monday, August 13, 2007

BECOME A SECOND LIFE GOD!!! OR.... ebay, caLLie and getting rich

i just wanted to address this post as i guess a few of you have seen this on ebay and have inquired about it.

for the record, i did not give permission for this person to use my image, also, i am in no way involved with this "get rich quick" book, info, or whatever it is they are selling.

i had to chuckle a bit tho... i love the words that are spelled wrong. (i'm not the best speller and i wish blogger had spell check) but "Lindon's" made me laugh.

perhaps it's to avoid a lawsuit for LL...

if you read it you even see "BECOME A SECOND LIFE GOD" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's hilarious!

i took 2 screen shots and put them together to post this (didn't get them quite right) and wrote the seller to please remove my image last week. so far no response...

anyway for the record, i have nothing to do with this!!! (btw, don't ya love how it starts saying make 24K day, then clarifies later... it's "lindon's"



p.s. more later on FUN stuff!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

pontiac, press, and "spokes-avatar"????

hi, i've been keeping a little secret for a few months now, but this week it was announced in the avastar...

i have offically partnered with pontiac to be their "spokes-avatar" for SL and RL work. it's really a surreal thing to me, in that, it was such a new concept they didn't know what to really call me. but they came up with "spokesavatar"...

i have completely enjoyed my work with them since i first got a little plot of land on motorati, and this signing is very near and dear to my heart for a few few reasons, the most touching is that my RL grandfather drove a pontiac firebird for years which i ended up getting, and he adored that car. he was an imigrant from italy and believed in buying "american" no matter what because he was so very greatful for this country and the opportunities he got when he moved here at 40. he was by far the most wonderful, loving, giving, expressive, fun and kind man i have ever met... and he LOVED his "pontiac!"

so to be signed with them, working for them, is a real honor and blessing. they also work with people like matt dillon and other REAL celebrities so this is just very surreal for me.

my first job was the maxim tours, which started with a bang with a 2 page ad in maxim, rovion work , voice overs, and other stuff that was so much fun, oh and a little promo video... not sure all i'll be doing in the future... been doing some press, but i'll keep you posted.

i love how pontiac came into SL, which is why i had no reservations in partnering with them. they have been respectful of the SL community since day one and because of that, have enjoyed and created a thriving community on motorati islands...

ok well that's all for now about that... i just had to publicly annouce this as it was just written about in the avastar.



oh and they made me a special metalic light pink solstice too!!!! (signing bonus???) and it's a great car that i love!!! (you can see it out in front of my beach club there on the velocity sim)

quick update....

hi everyone, gosh i just wanted to give everyone a quick update...

i've been on a sorta working vacation... which started, uh... *hides* 4 weeks ago...

orignally, i came out to this awesome resort i'm staying at to design, pack things i designed ages ago, from jewelry to more eyes to shoes to you name it, i've made it and not put it out so i came out here thinking i would dive into working and relaxing for a week, well after a week, i extened my stay another week, and then, yet another as i had not been getting done all i needed to do cuz of a lot of press stuff and other things happening, then my family came out for a week so we hung out while i still tried to work, chill, sun, swim, and now on my FOURTH WEEK, i still have NOT gotten what i originally came out here to do done, which was design and finish setting up the home store!!!! so what did i do???

extened my stay another week!!!!

so tomorrow night is the maxim/motorati party which really officially ends the tours and stuff... so that will be really over... (oh congrats to the 2 people who won tickets from the avastar contest and my cal gal sasha who won the contest for the tickets form the group) i so wish i could have invited everyone of of my caL gaLs but even tho the party is at my new beach club, it's not really "my' party, so...

but soon we'll open caffeine au go-go (the club on calliefornia) with a grand bash everyone invited type of thingy...

so what did i want to say???

oh ya:

1. home store to be finished super soon many items priced already...
2. new stuff coming out and some older stuff that will be boxed and put out, lol
3. maLiboo cove is set up and you can view the new "love shacks" there that will be on sale SOON!!!
4. caffeine au go-go is OPEN but we'll have a big grand opening soon.
5. my platinumn room will be finished (open now but w/o all the fun frilly things)

i continue to enjoy writing for the avastar, and i've been doing so much RL press lately that is both ultra exciting and very time comsuming!!!

anyway, so after 2 massages, a facial, and days at the spa this week, i'm feeling my energy coming back, and am so very inspired to create so many things, my suite is fully of sketches and computer full of almost done outfits and i just can't wait to finish it up!

well anyway, it's late now, and i'm gonna crawl in bed and watch tv (i don't have tv at my home) so it's a treat to be on vacation and watch it...

the weather where i am have been absolutely heavenly, indescribable, and though my internet connection is slow at times, i've been keeping in touch...

i'm too tired to read back, lol, so this maybe a very verbose rambling... but ya know i can be long winded anyway!!!



p.s. miss you!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

2 more days of tours... boo hoo

i'm so sad the tours are ending saturday...

it's been so much fun... and meeting people from all across this vast world has been more than fantastic.

here's a little video ami, who attended the tour the other day made, more about that later, but i wanted to post this, (and will your other photos ami!!!) quickly...