Thursday, February 16, 2012

meow!!! KittyCats! turns ONE year old!!!

on Feb. 7th, KittyCatS! turned ONE year old!!! we had a fun time reliving a year ago releasing approx 10 minutes after midnight... and this year, released our FREE birthday cat AND our "love collection" featuring Love Leopards & Love Letters

it was so much fun :) and began a week's worth of activities ending with a 5 hour birthday bash on the 12th. we also have a birthday hunt going until the 22nd to win the second birthday cat :) (we made a boy and girl pair)

we also unveiled our Genesis II Starter cats, (they are siblings of our retired ones)

Diamond • Domino • Smokey • CoCo • Flame

we also had a cute birthday VIDEO!!! it's funny...

a LONG fun week... and the energy is still going!!! if you didn't get your Birthday cat yet please do! they are limited, come with food and hats and are super fun :)

Thanks to everyone who made our first birthday a GREAT one :)