Monday, June 24, 2013


 To everyone in Second Life... Happy, Happy, Birthday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Splash!!! Happy 10th Birthday Second Life!!!

WOW, is it already Summer? Well technically not yet... but so so close!

KittyCatS! Summer Splash has started strong with a Groovy "Beach Party Movie" style sim celebrating Second Life's TENTH birthday!!! SL you are so old now, and you don't look a day over 3. :)

I joined SL almost 8 years ago and remember them having a "let's get 3,000 people to log in this weekend" campaign! (you got a free dance bracelet if you were one of the ones to log on.) I remember friends saying, "don't forget to log on this weekend!!!" I think I have that dance bracelet somewhere still, it was speculated that it would be worth "a lot of money one day!" any takers? 

There is so much I could say about my time in SL, it's been completely fun, weird, silly, amazing, and I would never have expected 8 years later to be in this virtual world. EVER. EVER.

I've met some truly admirable people, some of whom I now call very dear friends...

So let's get to the KittyCatS! Summer Splash...

This is our 3rd year making an SL birthday cat and it's is available to EVERY resident as our "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" gift to you! :) You can pick it up HERE on our KittyCatS SL10B sim :)

happy birthday to you! 
Here are a few photos of our Summer Splash sim... our community has decorated 17 sandcastles with VERY creative dioramas and if you'd like to roam a nice California beach style sim, please do! You can even ride a MEGAPUSS there! :) look for the "megapuss" rezzer and ride a birthday cat around!

Ahhh the Life!

Upon exploring the sim, you will find cats having the time of their life in a Gidget, Beach Blanket Bingo Style!

Diva Cats on Location at Sandy Shores.
How about one more sneak peak... Did you know there is round the clock Catertainment on the sim? I love this photo of the cute drummer of the Fur Balls!

He's got the Beat!

I'll post more later in the week and please if you take any photos I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them!!! You can post them here!!!

Happy Birthday Second Life, Happy Birthday to all my fellow community residents! I am truly thankful for your contributions to this world that many of us enjoy in our life.


callie cline