Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a couple cool pics :)

just a couple of cool pics from the party... it went on... FOR 9 HOURS!!! with the great music and amazing sim, i can see why... but my tush did quite hurt at the end... and well as my virtual feet!

thank you....

i had the time of my life on my birthday... from the setting to the music to the people... i just can't believe how wonderful it was. thanks to all my "caL gaLs" who stopped by as well as so many friends. it was a day i'll never forget, EVER, and one of the best birthdays of my life, truly. i can't even express how wonderful it was in so many ways. thank you again.

there are TONS of amazing photos from the party of wonderful people and the breathtaking black swan sim... thanks to bianca darling for hosting it and to my rezzables family for letting this little "virtual princess" feel like a queen for the day. i was blown away by your kindness and generosity. thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Monday, August 11, 2008

birthday weekend, week, month, life...

ok this may be one of those "uh why is caLLie posting this?" type of posts... well who knows maybe all my posts are like that to some of you, hahaha, *eg* but well...

in my family birthday's were always special, it meant lots of family, friends, and great music, food and PRESENTS!!!!! as a young child i loved my birthdays, and as i got older i sorta didn't like being fussed over as much, but enjoyed more seeing old friends and new and enjoyed more low key type things.

i've never had a rezday or birthday party in SL... and this year i am going to!!!!! yay!!! i have had so many people offer to host a party, even build stuff on an empty sim which was so kind of them, and after much thought, i decided to have my party at one of my favorite places in sl... but i can't tell just yet, lol... ok so wait, what does that have to do with anything???

oh yeah, lol... well since my birthday is on sunday, and since sundays sorta suck for birthdays, (well not as bad as mondays) we used to do this thing where it would be your birthday "weekend" if your birthday was on a sunday or any week day... so if you couldn't celebrate on the DAY it still felt ok.

then i thought, hmmm, cuz i like to be a bit bratty and spoiled, "why not a birthday week?" which seemed great to me!!! then i got a bit brattier and would joke and say "hey it's my birthday month!!!' and one of my BESTEST friends replied "heck, it's your birthday LIFE!" which actually sounded quite nice to me.

ok so all joking aside... i do LOVE presents, but more than that, really i love seeing ppl i love in BOTH lives, the last 2 years i have spent my RL birthday ALONE... (i was out of town at a resort alone and my guests hadn't arrived) but did celebrate the day "after" with people. (the "alone" birthdays were special in their own way, phone calls, gifts sent, etc... so it's not like i talked to no one, and actually i enjoyed them very much, being around people at a spa and talking to strangers who didn't know it was my bd, quite the opposite of the "fussy" parties my family would have often, so i liked it a lot)

this summer i'm in town and i'm gonna celebrate in BOTH worlds with the people who mean so much to me... life is sorta short, and time flies by, and i am so thankful... and NO this post does not have a product attached to it, no sale, no new stuff...

but... on my birthday i think i will make a little present to give to all of you who did, have, and truly do touch my life everyday, every week, every month and every year!

yay!!! and that's it!



p.s. oh now i only do 'birthday week' unless i'm feeling particularly bratty, but i'm not today :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

reBeL reBeL - "music never looked so good"

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about my new brand "rebeL rebeL" and here is a sneak peak at some of the new pants.... the shop/brand will be pretty rock n roll inspired... from early 70's glam to who knows what... but music inspired... even some original songs will be available and stuff, i'm really excited... oh and look for me and miss digit darkes in our music video debut!!!

it's an idea i had oh... a few years ago that i was gonna do with one of my SL moms, rebel hope, but we got busy and i decided now that i have my new shop with all those rooms i'll just make a "rebeL rebeL" store in there!!! i'ts gonna be fun cuz eventually i'll just have all my little pet project shops under one roof!!!

these pants and more stuff will be out this week!! yay!

they come in a bunch of bright glittery colors, lol.. and are LOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW cut... like old bowie and freddie mercury pants... and i dont know if they are IN or OUT but i dont care cuz i llove them!!!

i have a higher cuz versoin for those of you who dont like them so low :)

oh and one other surprise, but you gotta wait!!!



p.s forgive the typo's it very early... no sleep..



gibson guitar
kabe hat
lost angels pose couch
cc boots
new "caLidescope" eyes, (coming soon)
short n fluffy boa thingy (coming out too)
nevermore skin
deviant kitties hair hair very modded
"cLine" ciggy's in "ultra lights" (lol, coming soon too! hahahha)

Friday, August 8, 2008

a few updates :) - time flying, a 77L sale and 8-8-8


wow, it's hard to believe it's august already!!! we're deep into summer and fall is just leering around the corner. living in a warm climate, i don't notice the season changes as much but i sure to notice time flying!!! i always seem to be so busy in all lives and often as i get ready to do a "new" project, i realize it's not "new" at all.

i've been working on my little "nekoture™" and "tit-4-tat™" brands and realized i first blogged about them LAST OCTOBER!!! i about fainted! just where does time go? do you all find it passing by as quickly as i do???

since opening my new store, (which is not done but sure has been fun) i've found oh about 80 unreleased things in my inventory from gowns to eyes to some other stuff, and some of the clothing was shown in shows MONTHS ago! i'm REALLLLLY glad SL is SL and NOT RL cuz you know we don't have "official" seasons and really we get to follow our own fashion trends as what's in today is out later in the day and back in tomorrow. or so it goes.

i'm just reflecting a bit and have to say i am VERY happy that we do NOT follow RL trends, well actually, RL has a hard time following trends too which i think is a great thing. if you're old enough to remember or have done any research you'll know at one point in time in fashion MINI was 'the' length of a skirt and EVERYONE did them. poeple waited to see "what the new black" was, and "WHICH" colors were the ones of the season.

i remember this year looking thru fall fashion mags and seeing everything from pale pastels to primary preschool colors to the predictable muted browns and rusts for fall, ALL FROM TOP DESIGNERS! and with mini's, maxis, long and every other skirt imaginable.

so why am i saying this?? i guess because as i've spent a lot of time this week with customers who have been chatting and wondering what's "in" and what's "out" and it's brought up some great discussions. we talked about "running" out to get the NEW shoes, hair, and skins often and seeing all our friends and other ppl with the same thing on, to just dump them a week or so later (or day) for the next new thing to all wear at the same time. we pondered about that and what's so "cool" about it? yes it's FUN to get the latest and greatest, but we also talked about how much fun it is to find the OLD great NEW stuff in our inventories put them on and have ppl say OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT???? only to tell them oh that's year old!!!

(i recently was wearing my naughty designs "beach hair" non flexi mind you, and have had MORE ppl ask "where did you get that new hair" than when i've worn NEW hair, lol) it's funny and a subject some of my good friends and i have discussed a lot.

i have more thoughts about all the "what's in and out" in sl... but for now i'll stop as i could go on and on and since i don't know how to do a cut yet, i don't want to have all this take up space in the feed.

(it would be nice to have only some posts hit the feed and some left for ppl who even care to read stuff like this)

well it's 8-8-8 and this will only happen once in my life time!!! i doubt i'll be around for 8-8-88 (never know) but it's supposed to be a lucky day!!!

have a great weekend...

and do something special at 8-8-08 at 8pm :)



Monday, August 4, 2008

PAZAR!!! caLLie's FIRST RL printed magazine COVER!!!

caLLie was in SHOCK this week when the journalist from PAZAR sent her an im, and told her she HAD BEEN PUT ON THE COVER!!! she knew she was going to be inside on the fashion page of this lifestyle magazine, but NEVER did she think she'd be on the COVER.

this was special to caLLie for many reasons... in her words "first of all, the journalist of this magazine was also the one who interviewed for ELLE and MARIE CLAIRE magazines last year. during the interview process, we started to become friends as it was quite a lengthy process. this magazine is from a small island called cyprus and the whole magazine is in turkish which is so cool to me. (Cyprus is just beneath Turkey and is made of two communities Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots)

since meeting her, i have met more turkish people in SL and have found them to be quite lovely people, full of love, life, passion and amazing style. i am constantly humbled and honored about the people i meet in SL, their background, lives and art. it's truly a cool world we are all a part of."

so with that here are the photos... ok, i'll admit the cover is a GREAT thing, but OMG.... THE INSIDE PAGE!!!! has 2 of my favorite designers on it!!!! christian lacroix and dolce & gabana (ok i guess with d&g that's more like 3) but still!!!! how cool is that? i'm almost as excited as caLLie i think.

here is what the text says.. the translation:

"Like in Couture, creativity is at its peak in SL. And the most reknown designer in the virtual world is CC"...

"Because of this, famous brands like Armani have opened stores in SL. However SL has its own fashion celebrities. And one of the most important name here is Callie Cline who has been selected in 2007 by RL US magazine Maxim as one of the "100 sexiest women" in the world. CC started off as a photographer then was into modeling. Now has a fashion house and a decoration and home shop. She has also been contracted by Leo Burnett - a leading agency to shoot and style a double pg ad for Pontiac which was printed in the RL Maxim magazine. And after this she was contracted by pontiac as a spokes avatar in SL. Cline also has built and island called Calliefornia where she presents her clients with a whole CC lifestyle. She also been the December beauty for a calendar, sold both inworld and outside, called "12 Avatars". She is now also the spokes avatar of the famous British Insurance company Swinton Bikes who is the sponsor of the famous Irish 250 GP driver Eugene Laverty for Aprilla. Everything in SL is virtual and everything is real..."

thank you to bing :) for this very very sweet surprise... that came at the perfect for caLLie. she even put the pages in her new shop.



(for caLLie who's in a rezzables show now at black swan)

magazine week! dejavu & more...

wow, this has been a crazy week! i've been really busy with a ton of stuff and frEEbie gEEbie week, and i'm just getting time to blog about this!!!

i am so happy to say that i was asked to be on the cover of dejavu magazine and have a photo spread for september issue. the first time i ever saw that magazine was when digit darkes was on it, i LOVED HER SPREAD... and loved the work of cicciuzzo gauzman. our shoot was SO MUCH FUN!!! even though working with me caused him to take so many smoking breaks i think he needed an oxygen treatment the next day, we had a blast! he's a wonderful man, a very talented artist and very sweet. this is exciting for me as it's my very first SL fashion cover and i know those are not easy to come by as each magazine only has 12 issues, so to be in this magazine, which is one of my favorites in SL with some of the most beautiful spreads i've ever seen, i can truly say, it was worth the wait. the spread is titled "fashion debutante"... the cover, "chocolate" (look inside mag to find out why)

(calidescope eyes, and detour hair, sue stonebender earings)

a jean ad shot by cicci :) (wearing cc signature thrashed jeans & deviant kitties hair)

page & two one of the spread... (wearing galaxy girl in silver, naughty hair, cc signature boots)

(armidi hair in first photo, detour hair in second photo)

(deviant kitties hair in both photos)

(cake braids first photo, detour hair second photo)

thank you to deja vu for asking me to be part of your wonderful publication!!!

(more on mag week on the next post!!!)



(nevermore skins worn in all photos, my own custom pose in bubble mash up photo by alexx markova)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

frEEibE gEEbiE week extended one week!

due to the generosity of so many "caL gaLs" and some of caLLie's friends, frEEbie gEEbie week has been extended a week. it's been so much fun to meet so many of you and to see you all make friends and have fun.

it's been an cool time to have with you all and meet some new people. caLLie has had a blast though being busy boxing up all the goodies :)

as of today ALL the free gifts are still out but will be taken down in the morning so that room can be made for new gifts. (the gifts are in each room of the store in pretty gift boxes.)

if you aren't a member of "caL gaL" you can join by looking in search for "caL gaL" in groups.

hope to see you in caLLiefornia!!!