Monday, September 29, 2008

signature line - citron lane in 3 colors

i'm really excited to finally release this dress. it was my first custom dress created for a dear girl i met in SL named, "citron lane". she asked me to create a dress for her wedding and though i was really scared, (i mean it was her WEDDING) i was excited as well as the photos she sent which she wanted were just very classy and elegant. i felt really inspired.

the gowns here are not her wedding dress, that will come out later, but these are a variation of her dress in other colors. this dress was in my spread in DEJA VU magazine, styled quite differently (yay for mod abilities) and also will also be appearing in a upcoming issue of MARIE CLAIRE magazine. :)

i hope you enjoy this dress... the colors were carefully selected so that you can mix the bows, skirt overlay, gloves and stockings from each color. each gown comes with the dress top, glitch pants, system skirt, bow, sheer overlay, pearl chest and arm attachments and the gold and crimson colors come with the noir bow, skirt overlay gloves and stockings as well. (just because i love that look too)

available in my main shop on the grand staircase, priced at 333L for a few days, then they will go to their normal price.




Tuesday, September 16, 2008

50/50 sale, items in store 50L including zhao shoes

ok my group has had a GREAT time with this crazy sale and so now i can announce it to you all. basically there are items all over my shop marked for 50L... including, dresses, gowns, pants, swimwear, fat belts and more.. and ZHAO shoes... these are NOT discontinued items, but normal items marked for 50L each... so in EVERY room you will find at least one item marked for 50L. Melanie has marked 4 pairs of shoes for 50L...

so if you wanna look around, have some fun and get some great deals, come visit caLLiefornia!!

you can get to my shop by taking a limo, pony, or flying saucer!!



sirens of land and sea.. black swan inspired creations

the first black swan show was such a great experience i could not wait to participate in the second one. being able to just be inspired by something and see what comes out is very exciting for me in any artistic work be it visual or music or whatever. why? because the possibilities are endless and i love to see what comes out. most times i start with an idea in my head and most often the result is NOTHING like what i start out doing. "swan sirens" is not exception.

at first as the theme was "passion" my mind naturally went to "hot", "steamy", "lava", "red and black" etc... and so for a few weeks i stumbled on sketches and stuff that reflected that... and was not happy at all with what was coming out.

nebulosus severine, "nebby" who made "swan's tears" for our last collaboration at black swan was feeling the same way... so we simple switched gears and just let ourselves, "get inspired", however that happens... so after she passed me her necklace, (which i turned upside down and put on my head, like a crown...) a few ideas started to flow and "swan sirens" was born! yay!

the funny thing was when we were trying to come up with a name (quite unsuccessfully i might add) we finally stumbled on sirens (which i always thought were mermaids) but found out originally they were 1/2 bird 1/2 women which went perfectly with the wings, and the black swan sim!! yay!! then they turned to mermaids later in the legends.. so yay again!!! and they sang!! third yay!!!

swan sirens, inspired by black swan, it is now available in the original "mercury" white and will come out in 2 more colors in the coming days.

nebby made a huge jewelry collection that has everything in it too, all are available at the black swan sim.

more news later.

xoxo, caLLie

swan sirens comes with: 2 shirt options, sheer and solid, 2 shirt toppers to match with slow moving textures on them, a sculptie mini skirt with gems on it, a mini skirt, a tiny micro skirt (for the sheer shorts), glitch pants, sheer hotpants, wings, a new unreleased set of "caLiedscope" gem eyes in icy green, a flowing long prim flexi skirt, and i think that's all... you can create lots of looks with the pieces.

hair in photo: Deviant kitties queen, etd, and cake braids
skin: nevermore custom
shoes: none
jewelry: swan star collection (various pieces)
poses: reel expression and my own custom

Saturday, September 13, 2008


a few months back i was asked to be in DREW CAREY'S documentary about SL. i was SO excited because drew hosted one of my favorite shows was "who's line is it anyway. i always thought he was really warm and funny and admired him a lot. i didn't really know much more about him other than he was a libertarian and replaced the almost corpse looking bob barker on the price is right. (ever notice how those girls like almost looked like they were young too but like the surgery was showing?) ok, well anyway...

i had a great time doing the interview, of course i had NO idea what to wear for a TV show thing, i mean... dress? pants? gown? fancy? not? who knows!!! i thought about it a lot and decided one thing i was gonna wear were my glasses that sorta looked like some DREW wears... (btw he has a cool name i think, shared by DREW barrymore, i like when guy/girl names are the same) ok anyway, back on topic.. hehe, i know "ya right"

well we shot the interview and it was a lot of fun.. then i did the voice overs at a studio which was fun as well, and the people at reason tv are super nice people.

i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the little show. i think he did a great job explaining what SL is for the most part and since i have a hard time with some family and friends i think this will be a great thing to send along.... they'll either realize i'm not as nutty as they may think or it will confirm their suspicions!!!

either way, i had a great time and am really proud to be part of SL which as i say in the show IS real life... i mean like it's not a fake me at this computer... (one day i'll talk about how the name "second life" i think maybe was not such a good one as it begs to have people refer to your "first or real" life... think about that.. if it were called "OMG" or something else, ppl would just be like, "you sure like playing OMG a lot" instead of "OMG get a REAL LIFE" hahahaha)

(until we meet again... or... pose balls make short guys taller)

thank you drew, paul, centric and everyone else involved it was a blast!!!

xoxo, caLLie

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

home and shoes!!! YAYO FOR ZHAO!

it's been fun filling up my new store, or trying to!!! the home store is all filled now with everything from "love beans" (bean bags) to contemporary furniture to great outdoor stuff and even the love shacks fit in my new shop!!! yeah it's pretty big i guess. hehe... maddie worked hard putting out all the stuff that i messed up during construction :( we have some cute things coming out soon including some fun "beans"... so far we have "punk beans", "love beans", "wild beans", "chilli beans", and each design comes in 4 different pose models... and we're doing a lot more beans, including a 3 bean salad... (don't ask)

oh yeah, all our furniture is menu driven so after you sit on it, you get a menu giving you a lot of poses to chose from, it's really cool and i like using them a lot. hope you do too!

and yesterday i made a SHOE ROOM, (i so wanna say shroom, but ya know...) and it features the great shoes from one of my favorite "cobblers" Melanie Zhao! she was kind enough to not only put out FOUR FREE PAIRS of shoes BUT to put out her "clover shoes" (my faves of hers) in PINK!!!

a few thousand "caL gaLs" stopped by yesterday to pick up the shoes and a few hundred got the chance to meet ms. mel herself, we have a great time and everyone looked amazing in the new "glorious grey" :)

mel and i will be doing some special show/outfit thingies as our time allows, hehe.. and i want to thank her and welcome her to my main shop!

if you want to get the great shoes, and poke around a bit, you're always welcome.

more updates all week, some kewl stuff to announce !



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tesa jewell - model of the month - september

congratulations to tesa jewell, a caL gaL who was chosen as the caLLie cline model-of-the-month for september. tessa is wearing caLLie's new eyes, her new rebel rebel pants in the "pinks" and the "swan song" top with a fat belt over it.

it was a honor to work with tesa, she was a real pro and though she's not done a lot of modeling, i think she has great promise as a model.

we had a blast doing the shoot, and she's just a great girl!

here's the photo that appears in the BEST OF SL magazine and in my shop!!! yay!! look for the rebel rebel pants to be released this week!

thanks tesa, you were a real pleasure to work with!!!



p.s. model of the month entries for october are being taken now! kiosk in caLLiefornia!!!