Thursday, May 31, 2007

ALMOST TO caLLiefornia!!!! yay!!!

flat tires, bandits, detours... ya ,the list goes on, but on sunday caLLiefornia will officially be opening!!

i'm calling it the "ready or not here we come" opener cuz, well, just never know... couldn't upload today, crashed a zillion times, but hey, i'm EXCITED anyway!!! no lil buggers are gonna stop us!

that means... tomboy will finally open, with fun stuffies!!!! especially the sneakies (sneakers) and the bead necklace that you can program to say whatever you want!!!

also, "mainLine" will be open, but not much will be in there... yet... that will come soon tho....

and my ::home:: store will be opening!!! yay! and my whole store and most all the sim is decorated with the furniture, so that's exciting!!!

and we have a club, "caffeeine au go-go" which i have no clue how to spell caffeine???? but it's cool too!!! and well lil more things... but finally here is the invite, everyone is invited, and though it's a work in progress, it will be nice to finally open the doors and see people!!!

can't wait!



p.s. kiana is opening Dulce Dal Mare right next door too! yay! oh, and i just now have so much more admiration for all of my colleagues who have opened sims, OMG i had NO clue how much work it was/is, etc... i have even more respect for you all now... and don't know how you all did it.

countdown to caLLiefornia!!!

gosh i really can't believe the sim will be opening on SUNDAY!!! i am so so so not ready... and SL has not been too kind to me, however, we will be opening on SUNDAY at 1pm and we hope you can all come.

why do i say WE? well cuz Kiana Dulce, my sister and partner in our first store "FUNK", that she had, has her new sim "Dulce dal Mare" right next to my sim, so now our little store funk, is now the FUNK PLAZA and is home to our 2 stores (still connected by a breezeway) and to some other shops including, "SHINE", TOMBOY, mainLine, (men's clothing), caLLie cLine home, a cute store that makes clothes for "hatchies" (baby dinosaurs), and some other surprizes... oh and one of my favorite things, maLiboo cove, which is a little beach cottage cove that will be a place for our gals to hang, and even win "vacations" there! and we have a lot of little surprises in store, and though it's not ALL i wanted, it's a start, and oh ya, i have a new club, sorta rock/punk/alternative that i'm doing with shane hornet, well really it's his club "caffeeine au go-go" and that will be a fun place to dance and hang out... and have live music events.

so much has happened already this year and i'm so glad to do this, i've been so busy, and have more cool announcements coming up in the next few weeks, and i am enjoying all the fun stuff, being in Maxim's HOT 100 issue was pretty cool, and i'm still sorta trying to figure it out, and i'm enjoying the wild journey my career has taken, and i'm excited to be doing more modeling in the near future, and i really can't wait to just go away for a week and just create!!! i'm aching to get lost in creating stuff for you all.

i'll have some new stuff when the shop opens, not all i wanted, but hopefully some stuff you'll like.

So wow, what a long post!!! I'm excited to see everyone who can come on Sunday... i really am, i love meeting my customers, old and new and just seeing people have fun. can't wait to see you!!!



Sunday, May 27, 2007

caLLiefornia, almost there!!!

yay! we will be opening, no matter what, next sunday!!! it's been a long time, we're not as ready as we'd like to be, but we will be opening "caLLiefornia" and "dulce dal mare" (kiana's sim)... SL has not been kind, we've had parts of our buildings just "vanish" and more troubles than i care to bother you all with.

but it's time to open... not sure what all will be finished (depends on the SL mood) but there should be some new stuff, the home store, tomboy, maLiboo cove, mainLine, and a few other things on caLLiefornia... Kiana has her own suprises.

we're gonna have our opening on Sunday, we'll have give aways, free gifts for all, music, and dancing, and i REALY want a jumper!!! (you know like a kids blow up trampoline thingy) but not sure about that.

i'll keep ya posted during the week, i just hope SL is cooperative and let's us do stuff like edit, upload textures, and all that stuff we need to do...

but no matter what, we will open... ready or NOT!

can't wait to meet a lot of you, and i'll post more during the week.



p.s. ty so very much to everyone who's sent kind words and well wishes, you all are so kind and your support means a lot.

Friday, May 25, 2007

dancin' fools !!!! (paste this in browser)

ya, getting my groove on, with the best ex solid gold dancer i know....
we do parties, im me if ya wanna book us.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ki and me (and jack, bruce, pam, marilyn and cameron)

ki and me (kiana dulce) got invited to the cannes film festival this morning and it was fun to be on the red carpet with some very famous stars!!!

omg, we met bruce willis, jack nicholson, cameron diaz, marilyn monroe, cameron diaz and more!!!! hehe, go check it out if you haven't been, who knows who you will run into!!!



Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day!!!!

happy mother's day to all the mothers out there... mothers, not "muthas"

i'm sure when we think of our mom's there are mixed feelings... she prolly wasn't perfect, she prolly did things that bugged us... and then, that mysterious thing... that woman who gave us life... who felt feelings for us no one will ever comprehend (if you're a mom you know what i mean)

anyway, lest i get to mushy, gushy or otherwise off on what a mother is... i wanted to wish all the mothers out there a very happy mother's day...

have a great day, and if you won't be seeing your RL mom, give her a call, let her know how much she means to you... and even you MEN, ever been around a baby??? know all those oozes and smells that came out of them??? ya, she cleaned em all up, cuz she loved ya!

have a great day!!!



Thursday, May 10, 2007

boobookittie, diva, tenshi, me and rockin' fun!

theDiva rockin's concert and most stylish av event was a blast! i was so excited to be asked to help pick "the most stylish" person in the crowd, who won 10K, and it was HARD cuz so many ppl looked so cool.

the event was live bands from a club in NY and it they rocked. everyone seemed to really have fun... here's a quick pick we took, and i'm sure there will be more about the event. they plan on doing these a lot to introduce live bands and the feed worked great, and it was a fun time.

thanks gals for asking me to be a part and can't wait to do more fun stuff together, you all were so cool.



Monday, May 7, 2007

weiner mobile, jingles and food!!!

hey gaLs... remember the footage we shot for "phil's" supermarket? well the food sim opened today and it was such fun... the footage is on you tube that we did, and will be shown all over and food fares and stuff... but anyway, this morning when i saw the oscar mayer weiner mobile outside of the grocery store, i was so so so so excited!

i broke out my lil pink guitar and sang the oscar mayer jingle, and anyhoo, you gotta go over and see the weiner mobile, hahaha... it's funny... there are some GREAT food freebies all over the shop and you can eat till your hearts content and my clothing will still fit you!!! yay!!!

can't say that for real life now can we?

oh, well just a fun post to say... "oh i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner..."




Sunday, May 6, 2007

fallying into sunday fun.... word!

sometimes all work and no play makes caL a duLL gaL... so it was to my delight that i spent a lil bit-o-time with a cool friend of mine ms. fally wally do da day... or the uber creative and cool "fallingwater cellardoor" of "shinythings"...

she's prolly the only one in SL who yells at me, and lets me yell back, and she likes to be really mean to me, haha, and visa versa... BUT, lest this start any rumors of "wars", it's ALL in good fallywally, fun... and i adore her... and she tolerates me i think, hahaha.

so anyhoo... upon complimenting her on her great look, and her pat benetar hair, i had to break out my geetar and sing, "you're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker" to her, and i really should sang, "hit me with your best shoes..." and she broke out the uke and then i invited her over to see the new beach club at motorati land (velocity sim) and we jittered over to the dance floor (lag issues) and i snaped a shot of her, hehe... so anyway, it was a nice time, and a good refresher... (oh oh oh, and just WAIT until you see the new shoes she's made!!!!)

oh ya, then, i went to my new shop at the L Word sim, (ty for inviting me BTW) and did a bit of work, it's such a cool build over there... some cool people just set up shop, simone, nyte n day, calla, me, and i'm not sure who else... but i was honored to be asked...

ok well, back to work for me...



Thursday, May 3, 2007


i'm with my sista and partner kiana dulce, and good friend and aspire model, ally geer. (both motorati girlz)

i've been so busy lately!!! just wanted to quickly share a photo from some footage shot for the "motorati giLz" project. this is for TV, to be aired sometime very soon!!! yay!!!

i'll let you know more later, you can see more clips on the motorti girLz blog.

hopefully they will like a lot of the footage so we don't end up on the cutting room floor!!!

i'm tired now!

almost home...

i'm almost beside myself to make this announcement....

with the opening of my new sim in a few weeks, i will be opening my "home" store. some of you know, my first "creations" in SL were candles, rugs, tables, pillows, and i've always carried a few mirrors, rugs, and pillows... but it's been a dream to one day collaborate with one of SL's talented builders, (since i really can't make much) and get to collaborate on making furnishings, homes, buildings, and really everything to do with physical surroundings...

and never did i think, i'd meet someone as wonderful, talented, kind, fun, hardworking, professional, and talented as MADDIE CAMUS, my new parter for "caLLie cLine home" or simply "home". if you have never heard of her, she's and amazing builder & the owner of a quaint small shop called Elysium, and one day i had the good fortune of stumbling upon her work... some how we connected, oh ya, i wanted to put some of her stuff for sale on my sim... and now, yay!!! we're partners!!!

do i sound excited??? cuz i am.... i love people who are commited to their craft, enjoy the unchartered waters of collaboration, and like to have fun in the process!!! and yay!!!

well here's a sneak peak of ms. mad maddie, on some stuff we did together, and i can't wait to show you some more of what we've been working on!!! soon!!! very soon!



Tuesday, May 1, 2007


hey everyone, i'm using this to reach my group members cuz group notices aren't working nor is group chat...

i have entered the SL model search contest.... and if you don't have a friend who's entered and want to vote for me, that would be cool!!!

this is how to do it...

1. go to
2. enter for usa (i think)
3. on the right are a few flash windows
4. click the UPPER RIGHT ONE
5. click the "vote for your fave av" button
6. in "search" type my name callie cline
7. you will see 2 entries... (i crashed putting up the first)
9. that's all!

i think this is a fun contest, and they will pick the top 100, then out of those 6... so if you don't have a friend entered and wanna vote for me, cool!!! there are some great entries...

thanks, and sorry about the group notices not working... i may put off this weeks events cuz of it...