Friday, October 16, 2009

Move it on over!!! the bunnies need space!!!

many of you know of the collaboration with my little friend (he is little) barnesworth anubis, our little pampered pet shop "benedict & florentine"... it was done primarily for chickens, (with bunnies in mind too as we knew someone was making them. AND for ALL pets us SL'ers love to have ;)

well it's about time for the chickens to MOVE IT ON OVER... and make room for the ozimals bunnies!!! we've been giving the sim a little facelift and it's soooooo cute :) from a bunnieburbia, to a fantasy garden, dark forest, and more, it's been so much fun!! i've even started making PLANTS AND TREESS!!! omg it's so so so much fun!

see...  i've been still suffering the ill's of NOT having my main computer system up and running... LONG story... so i've been occupying my time doing other little things... one of which is working with barnesworth modifying some of our stuff for THE BUNNIES!!!

if you have NOT seen them, or HELD them (yes held) ok many have NOT held yet but you can hold them!!! YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!!!

here's one little garden it set up for my little bunnies (the beta ones as the others aren't out yet but will be soon)

i LOVE this! it's been so much fun setting up little environments for them, if you want to see the work in progress you can visit "bunnywood" in so cal. hehe.

here's one photo and i will probably post more...

also i have some exciting news i'm gonna be sharing soon, and i am so so so so excited to tell you all! actually there are a few things, hehe.

2 very cool announcements, and some other assorted stuffs :)

miss you guys!

xoxo, caLLie