Thursday, November 30, 2006

~•~•~•~ hOlidAy LimiTeD eDitiOnS oN tHe wAy ~•~•~•~

ok, my second attempt at this post...

my holiday limited editions ARE still coming out, sorry to those of you who im'd me and then i crashed, not being able to answer. i am having some serious crashing issues in SL, so i had to post here.

so yes!!! "ice princess glowy gown" (not real name) ISSSSSS coming with SPECIAL jewerly pieces and custom shoes!!!! yup, from some AMAZING designers ;) hehe... can't tell yet tho...

and YES, there's still the fluff, fur and all those goodies i promised ;)

ALSO, not only am i doing the one, there are 2 more, which will be really pretty and i hope you like them.

so that's the scoop...

oh and i'm glad you all are enjoying the sparkly, glowy, rotating snowflakes!!! yay! i am so into the winter ice look this year and it's been a hoot and so much fun to skate with so many of you out in front of the store.

ok, wish me luck in getting back in SL with no more crashes :( i want to get these out to you soon! but remember christmas is still awhile away, and the parties wont start for a bit, so hang tight!!!



Monday, November 27, 2006

•••wiNteR sNowFLaKeS ••• sparkly, rotating, glowy, gorgeous!

i made these snowflakes free for my group, and after so many customers commenting, i decided to box them up for sale! there a 4 designs, they are gorgeous!!! all copy/mod and only 125L for endless snowflakes!!! yay!

in my store in PLUSH LAMBDA, right by the LUCKY SANTA!!!

xoxo, caLLie

"designer mix-n-match"

i LOVE LOVE LOVE when is see my customers wearing MY stuff mixed with other stuff, we really have ENDLESS possibilities in our lil ol' inventories!!! (yes we do AG!!!) so i decided to make a regular posting of "my" stuff mixed with other pieces that i have actually bought, (or was given ;) and show you some ways you can wear things i've made with things other designers have made. make sense?

so for my first "designer mix-n-match" will be "delacline" (shai delacroix + caLLie cLine)

so above i've mixed in the first model, shai delacroix's wonderful new shearling coat with my "forever sweater" and a pair of my signature jeans. GuRL6's "swept" hair with my knit cap and nylon pinky's 'old man' glasses give this a very "classy casual" look.

on model 2, i went a bit more "sophisticated" pairing the coat with my "forever sweater" in 14K with the 18K neck to sort of blend in with the beads and jewels on my "bliss" jeans. the ETD updo hair really looks hot i think. and this look is a lot more "chic".

so there are just 2 possibilities for your own "mix-n-match" fun.



shai's coast are available at "casa del shai" in deimos, my sweaters/jeans are available at "caLLie cLine" in the FUNK square in plush lambda.

(oh btw, the boots really make BOTH these looks HOT. they are not for sale inworld as the person who made them isn't playing SL anymore, BUT... i'm trying to work out something to be able to make them available inworld. cross your fingers!)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

that time of year...

yes, it's that time of year... excitement, stress, joy, pain, wonder, disillusionment, hope, despair... all those things and more happen at this time of year... i am trying for the joyful and hopeful times, but know that the reality is that many around me are going through hard times, including my customers and friends in SL...

so... to help a bit, i've decorated my shop like an ice palace, out front are free snowflakes that twinkle and glow, free for all my group memebers...

today i had a "5 minute free" sale, and it was so wonderful to meet with so many of you, and meet a LOT of new •funky caL gaLs• i really do love to meet my customers... you all are so much fun, and anyway, we took a pic with the "lucky santa" in the picture... we're not all rezzed, but, aftr 15 minutes, this was as good as it got! we even had a cool guy join us! wooot!

the other pic is of my store, all decoated for christmas... come ice skate if you have nothing to do, it glows at night ;)

xoxo, caLLie

Saturday, November 25, 2006

feeling lucky? you been naughty or nice?

creator of "mob vendor" and the famous "lucky chair"!!!

may i present to you...


i had a blast making this santa for shep's "lucky chair" brand, and now for the first time ever.. SL has a LUCKY SANTA! it's sorta like the chair, it calls out letters, and if someone is around with a name that begins with that letter, then they win a prize!!!

santa even asks, "have you been naughty or nice?" i said "nice" but he didn't give me a prize, :( cuz my name started with the wrong letter, but i still was able to sit and get a picture with him, then i punched him! hehe.

anyway, if you look close, this santa is a bit stylish, he's wearing a signature "caLLie cLine" belt! woot! i bet no other santa in SL can boast that!

well, just very excited about this collaboration, just one of many to come!

xoxo, caLLie

Friday, November 24, 2006

forever is now & in the sky

ty to bianca darling, and garbage prototype for helping me model them for the ads. ;) (garbage is wearing my unisex jeans in the men's ad, biance is too in the womens ad, i'm wearing different stuff)

YAY! my "forever sweaters" are finally finished, and i guess i picked the right name cuz they took FOREVER!!!!

i am happy to announce that these are the first of new items that i will be creating not only for my own brand, but for the wonderful "sky shop". i am honored to have been chosen to be the exclusive designer for their clothing line. these sweaters are the first of many items to come!

so about the sweaters...

ladies:16 colors, 8 pieces per color

• 3 sweater lengths, sexy short, medium, and long
• knit cap
• neck with flexi scarf
• plain neck
• arm cuffs
• tintable snowflake tatoos

men's: 5 colors, 2 pieces per color (sweater and neck)

all pieces are mod/tintable so really these can be made into endless looks!!! have fun!

they sell for 150L per color for women, 125L men, max pack in both.

OH!! available on SLEX, and my shop in PLUSH LAMBDA, the sky shop, and select locations ;)



Thursday, November 23, 2006


i had the honor last weekend to be in my dear friend, ally geer's wedding. this picture is from her ceremony which was wonderful. i'm thankful for her friendship, and for so many of you, who have touched my SL, hence, my RL too. have a wonderful day. xoxo, caLLie

Sunday, November 19, 2006

3K SHOPPING SPREE WINNER!!!! Aleathia Franchini

YAY, after a few days of TONS of guesses by • fuNky caL gaLs • on what my middle name was, i gave a HINT last night because sadly no one was even close... well perhaps one person was a lil close... i mean guessing a name with a "c" is hard enough... so a hint was in order... after giving the hint... (ends with an Y, has 2 vowels) the "caL gaLs" were sending in notecards at an alarming fast rate, and the first one contained the right name!!! CASSIDY!!! yes, so CASSIDY is caLLie's middle name... hehe... does that mean anything???? well it might in the future ;)
k, so our first stop was to "mischief" cuz aleathia wanted some jean outfits! so off we went... she got a few things, and wow, what a great collection of stuff!!! whoo hoo, janie! so then it was off to the new "shine" for more "jean" things... (a nice dress there and some cute pinup girl jeans) and i think "al" even bought a lovely gown there :) yay! then it was "hair" time and she knew exactly what she wanted!!!! so off to cake!
she tried on some demos, we had a laugh, and she got the hair she wanted!!! yay!!! btw, she's "with child" and the baby was so active during our liltte spree... i think we have a future shopper :)
after the hair... she HAD to have an AO, so... after little thought, hehe, we rushed over to lost dogs to snatch up a DNA hud AO thingy me bob. and yay! it worked! i have one too, but have never loaded up my stuff in it :( but i do like it mucho.
and after that... i think we went back to my shop, and took a pic, and chit chatted... now these pics didn't come out in the right order... and we hit a few more places, like shiny things... and i can't remember where else, but i had a great time... aleathia you are a GREAT gal, and i'm really happy to have gotten to spend time shopping with you!!!

(the prize was to shop ANYWHERE, not just my store, and it was AWESOME!!!)

to everyone who entered, ty so much, i wish i was richer so i could have taken you all on a 3k shopping spree it was so much fun.

but you know, more fun things coming real soon!!!!



Saturday, November 18, 2006

NaMe gAmE!!!

caLLie has a middle name
she's not told anyone
but if you can guess it
you're in for some FUN

she will take you shoppin'
where ever you will choose
open up her wallet
spend 3k on YOU!

contest details in the center of my shop in plush lambda!
good luck!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

ASpiRE! n' me... GREAT!

I had the extreme honor and privilege to be interviewed for the second issue of ASpiRE magazine, and I can't even tell you what a pleasure it was to meet such professional, hardworking and just kind people. This is the first article ever done on my designs and me, and it was so much fun and has added a totally different experience to my SL. I LOVED IT!!!

I think this magazine is so well done, has a wonderful look a feel to it, and well, I just can't wait to see more issues!!!

If you have not ever seen one, make sure to grab a copy inworld. (there is a kiosk at my shop in plush lambda) and after you click it, the magazine will be in your objects folder, then you "wear it" and it rezzes on your screen.

Pass along the word to your friends if you like this publication, did I say I think it's great???

So here's a sneak peek, the article on caLLie has 6 more pages, OMG!!! There are also some other great articles, and great fashion reviews, great model profiles, and other great stuff...

Did I say i think it's GREAT??? hahaha... the first one to drop me a notecard inworld with how many times I say "great" in this POST (including title), can pick out any 3 outfits of their choice in my shop. ;)

Oh, more GREAT news coming this week on more great stuff I have the honor to be involved in!!!

have a great day!!!



Tuesday, November 14, 2006


here is the black boa for all you who im'd me asking "caLLie where is black???" here it is, i was going to wait for some other "rainbowas" coming soon... but here ye go!!! i hope you like it!



Sunday, November 12, 2006


just a little sneak peak as promised of a new venture i'm doing with tuli asturias of ::Lollypop:: and we're going to be opening very soon. we can't wait to tell you more, but for now... just this little picture, and also, as tuli said in her blog, out store will carry not only clothing, but hair from guRL 6 and jewelry and shoes from jackal ennui, of lassitude and ennui... all the merchandise in the store will be under the "tomboy" brand... and all was especially made and designed for this new brand.

it's been very exciting, my little "tomboy" is pictured here, her name is 'scout' and tuli's gal is named 'skye'...

that's all for now... more to come in the next 2 weeks, and then, YAY we'll open!!! woo hoo!

ok, all for now...



p.s. ya gotta watch out for scout, she's NOT as nice as caLLie is, she's really a brat and likes mud, dirt, and playing and fighting with boys n' stuff... she's really something... just a heads up incase you run into her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

caL gaLs roCk!!!

ok, what can i say??? I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!!! so here is a pic from a recent little get together we had ;) and for the first time I CRASHED so many ppl showed up!!!

after most ppl left, and we started rezzing, hehe, we decided to pose for a little "diva" pic, hehe, and of course everything didn't rez all the way, hence some grey hair and blurry clothing...


you "funky caL gaLs" rock and i can't wait to do some of the stuff we talked about!!!

and all the good girls were in my clothes, hehe, JK... rez issues!!! so everyone in this pic but 2 aren't!!!

i'm wearing a new sweater i just made with "snow ball" hair by guRL 6... which I LOVE!!! hehe... and so i dont leave anyone out, i won't say who's in the pic, cuz i get you all confused sometimes!!!

but i'm the 4th from the left ;)...

kk, love ya all!!



Wednesday, November 8, 2006


is it bliss???

i love these new jeans, hope you do too... i spent a lot of time decorating them and stuff, and they come with a matching prim "belly button™" so that you have that little extra detail if you want it ;).

i'm wearing with the jeans, jackal ennui's new "eva" shoes... a sheer top from "pan jen" (oops!) and my necklace is from "shiny things". in my store i've set up a display with the shoes and necklace right there!!! yay!

i hope you like these, they come in a max pack too for all of you who ALWAYS buy all colors ;) this way you can save about $350!! yay.

(oh for some reason the picture with all the colors came out way brighter than the jeans are, they are not that LOUD!!! somehow the pic just got a lot brighter ;)

oh, hair is by "naughty designs" skin, as always, "hybrid 2" by nevermore... and... i think that's all.



p.s. i'm opening up a little shop called "bliss" too, so this is the first of what's to come for that ;)

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


FIRST, thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the "demo-day photo contest"!!! There were so many great entires!!!

Here are the 15 winning pics... and the winners list. Congrats to all of the participants, winners and of course to the generous sponsors who make the prizes awesome!!!



caLLie with the rainbow hair ;)

Sunday, November 5, 2006


FREE SHIRT week of NOV. 6th

ok, you can't get a free lunch, but you CAN get a new free shirt! this week's shirt is simple and fun. shown with my "basic" jeans in the "fruits" package...

each week, a free shirt, then it's GONE... but for sale later :)

oh, hair.. GURL 6 "alabama" in easy color tint... i love that feature! necklace is from shiny things... tiara, from ricx... and, same skins, HYBRID 2, all caLLie wears ;)

enjoy everyone!



Saturday, November 4, 2006

CONTEST!!! FOR DEMO DAY, NOV. 7TH!!! (a day to only wear demos!)

caLLie cLine and Kiana Dulce of "funk" are proud to present:
brought to you by caLLie cLine & Kiana Dulce of "FUNK"

the rules are simple!!! (go to funk in plush lambda)

1. dress yourself up in your favorite or least favorite demos (HAIR AND SKIN ARE A MUST)
2. pose in our photo booth on one of the balls out, or use your own
3. take a photo of your "bad" self looking as good or as creative as you can...
4. title the photo "demo day" with YOUR FULL AV NAME
5. give the photo to caLLie cLine
6. come back here on "DEMO DAY" november 7th
and see if your photo was one of the winners!!!
7. tell your friends AND, make sure to wear only demos on DEMO DAY!!!

*deadline for photos NOVEMBER 6TH, 6PM SL TIME. (no exceptions, sorry)

On November 7th, We will post the winning photos on a large poster, with the prize won.

GRAND PRIZE IS $3,000 dollars (lindens)
other prizes are $1,000 gift certificates or a prize package
from these sponsors.

Adam and Eve -hair, skins, clothing
Boneflower Designs - clothing, shoes, accessories
Breach (guns)
caLLie cline - clothing
Furnish (furniture)
Gurl 6 - hair
Kiana Dulce - clothing
Lassitude and Ennui - shoes and jewelry
Nicky Ree - clothing
Oi boots - boots, shoes, accessories, clothing for men
Rebel Hope - costumes and clothing
Shiny Things -jewelry, shoes, accessories

If you are a winner, your photo and NAME and PRIZE and whom
to contact will be next to your name.


Wednesday, November 1, 2006


... somewhere over the rainbow.... ooops, hehe... i am so excited to announce my new "ses•R•ree" line... (accessories) and the first in the line are my "rain-bowas"!!! deliciously colored feather boas, flexy, sexy, funky! Sold individually, and in a max pack for you serious boa lovers. i'll be making more with more colors, different feathers, and lots of fun!!!

Here's a few pics for you. Sorry my shirt didn't rez in the ad ;)



p.s. worn with my "signature" denim jeans too!

oh and... hair, ETD, skin: NEVEMORE's hybrid 2.