Thursday, November 25, 2010


hello... i just wanted to write a very quick note saying "thank you". i'm thankful for so much today as i reflect on the amazing amounts of blessings i have in my life. some that come to mind are:

1. my orange tree in my back yard that faithfully gives delicious oranges every year
2. my little dog who is just always so fun and cute
3. my Chinese magnolia tree that sits outside my window and displays beautiful pink blooms a few times a year
4. a really nice warm bed to sleep in with TONS of pillows
5. a bunch of family i'll be seeing very soon.
6. some wonderful people i've met in SL who are customers, friends, and biz associates.

i could go on and on i think for days.... i was thinking about... how many blessings are around me and how much i have to be thankful for, it was pretty cool, then i thought about how many problems i could find if i wanted to think about that...

i think what i am most thankful for today is seeing in a new way how there are SO many things around us, things we can be thankful for or things that are "problems" and WOW. i think i'll try to think more on those things that are the blessings!

have a great thanksgiving and thanks for being friends, customers, acquaintances, and for who you are.



p.s. if you IM me, i set up this thing where you get a little snowflake gift :) lol. i hope it works when i'm offline! lol.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ECHO'S SONG... a new version... 50L friday special...

 hey all, this is my 50L friday offering this week. a version of the Echo's song gown i made for DU19. 
it's really pretty on and since it's sheer and comes in all layers you can wear all the layers for a non sheer look. skirt is mod too so you can adjust the transparancy.

i also have my winter snowflakes out for 50L just for today for the boys :)

ECHO'S SONG - in blush - caLLie cLine  

snowflakes 50L - add glow for a cool look!
have a fabulous weekend all! enjoy your gown and snowflakes... oh btw... if you sit on the snowflakes, (they rotate) it's like a ride! it's fun too! haha :)

xoxo, callie


truth hair
mynera skin
jadar shoes
muse pearls

Monday, November 1, 2010

bend but don't break!

oh this post is not advertising anything although i am wearing some vintage digit darkes and new idyra shoes... i think truths hair and some old shiny things earings... when i saw this photo on my desktop today, i thought about how life has been a stretch lately in a lot of different ways.

it doesn't always feel good or i guess look good. they say the results are good. a very dear member of my family passed away in the past couple weeks and another close family member had a close call with leaving this life, but for now they're staying around. 

i've heard from some of you that similar "stretches" are happening in different areas of your life and i guess this photo can be a humorous way to say, "bend just don't break" and "you're not the only one!"

hang in there, take time to laugh at yourself, especially when you're being stretched and look like this!



the russian and chinese judges scored this move a 10!
p.s. i've been thinking if these keeps happening, i'm gonna join a circus or try to for olympics :)