Saturday, June 26, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SL!!! come party in my bedroom! dream on!

hey! if you didn't know the SL7B birthday bash is happening NOW and will be open until july 3rd although live music ends tomorrow.

early photo of barnesworth anubis - click to see larger image

i have an exhibit there. this year's theme is "unexpected collaborations" and my exhibit is called "DREAM ON" it's a variation of my exhibit from SL5B and in the "first part" is a bedroom with my journal pages all over talking about my 'dreams' of and people's ive met. i write about my dreams to be a designer, model, and more. you see my newbie photos and get to just see "some things" i dream about in my room.

part of my exhibit with newbie photos of me and with jaz zephyr hahaha. kiana my sl sister too in the back :) click to see larger image

after that there is a tp that takes you up to the second part of the "dream" where it shows some of the dreams realized. collaborative things from the current PN - CC tail with psychotic neko and the pampered pet company with barnesworth anubis and more.

most everything we do in SL is a collaborative effort in one way or another. and i've had the most awesome opportunities to collaborate with some of the most amazing companies and people. when i was building this installation, i realized just how much collaboration plays a part in most any effort. my good friend aurora jacks helped me put some nice touches on the room and dj shane hornet arranged for my stream for video and audio to be set up.

a broad shot of 2 sides of the room, can you see me TINY flying by the bed on the left???

it was quite humbling to see that everything i do depends on something someone else did. even if i "think" i did it alone. i realized i didn't. (even this computer i'm typing on someone made) the interdependency of humans was realized in a bigger way than i'd ever contemplated.

up in the dream with collaboration examples including: nebulosis severine (swan song jewelry), bing sewell (RL mag cover, Elle mag RL) SC tracy for icon mag shoot, tuli for best of SL mag cover (she made the pose), deja vu mag, as well as collaborations with Pontiac (ad campaign), MAXIM mag, (HOT 100 issue) and more stuff and the teaser for the upcoming collab with JAZ !!!! a real "retro" sl'er haha. :P 

if you go... make sure to get your free magic balloon (it's much better to fly around when you experience the exhibit) and turn OFF music when you get there but turn ON media, then before you tp up turn ON music, set to MIDNIGHT, and turn OFF media for the most interactive experience :)

free limited edition tank tops upstairs ONLY for this event :) please say hi if you see me there or i will to you!!

enjoy and happy birthday second life!



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FASHION FEST!!! still spots available!!!

this fashion fest is really exciting and i wanted to let you know there are more spots left! yay!

i participated in one event nikki put on and it was SO SO SO professional and easy and streamline! so...

contact her if you wanna know more!! can't wait! hope to see you!

xoxo, caLLie

contact: Nikki Mathieson

here's the cute flyer, i love the boy in it haha :)
he's MINE back off girls haha