Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CAT-O-LANTERNS and other fall stuffs!

make them big or small for your own area!

hey all!!! i love fall and made some cute cat-o-lanterns and put out my pumpkins and new fall trees and little signs and stuff!

so cute on your porch of your house or store!

if you want some nice and low priced stuff that's handpainted "ooooooh" and stuff... come on down!

the pumpkin patch is outside my store on the lawn and ill be adding more daily!

calliefornia is the sim, (i just got logged out) but you can use the top of my pics to find the tp... and just to your right!

xoxo, callie

some of the stuffs on my sim :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

METAMORPHOSIS - designers united 19 - one week only

vendor ad

creating this dress was truly a metamorphosis.

it started as a man's white suit... then an evening gown, with a small butterfly broach...
that broach became a mini skirt option, then around that option i made a new bodice, and then a new top, sleeves and from one little gold butterfly this whole new dress emerged.

a fun and creative experiment.

here are a few other shots:

about the event:

“DUnltd19 is an extensional event of DU4 at SLOW sim between the dates of 19-26 September 2010.
It’s called “DUnlimited19 at SLOW” . We will host 19 designers each with one exclusive item. The items are made using one the following themes: Metamorphosis, 60s space age, Origami which are the second voted for DU4.”

Friday, September 17, 2010


hey all...

i made a pair of new jeans that actually look... "new". i have them out for the first time for 50L friday... they are transfer and UNISEX and look HOT on guys.

so if you want them at the uber low price of 50L... you can get them today!

i also have a cute pumpkin patch out for 50L... here are the photos and have a great day!

oh the jeans come with finished sculpted cuffs and finished in the normal way for tucking in or for those of you who don't like sculpted legs.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

loving aledia...

2 years ago, a very sweet girl wrote me asking if i'd create a custom gown for her for the miss virtual world pageant. after speaking to her i just fell in love with her heart and after seeing a sample photo of something she liked as inspiration, i thought i would be able to really put my heart into making something for her. during fittings and styling times, we chatted a lot and i can say, became friends.

a little asian styling (i had on combat boots too)

the "miss denmark" then, is now a very creative designer and it's been SO great to see her creations. yesterday after getting her notecard, i wrote her to tell her how happy i was for her and we got to chatting and swapped out latest creations and I LOVED THIS DRESS SO SO SO MUCH i HAD to blog it.

styled for a casual night out dancing

i played with different ways to style it and got SO distracted i didn't finish my work. *shocker*
these were 2 i really liked. so i am showing you miss ALEIDA'S newest dress. and what i did with it.

look at that little zipper detail!!!

you can find it HERE! and it comes in a bunch of colors too :) it's called the BEHA dress. and the colors are FABULOUS!!! just LOOK!!!

LOVE these colors!!! 

well anyway, thanks miss aledia for the dress and a chance to tip my toe back into blogging which i have ALWAYS loved. (blogging other than my own stuff i mean!)


dress: ALEIDA
rocker chick belt: caLLie cLine
boots: bax coen
poses: custom and reel expression
hair: truth and LOQ
 tattoo: barerose
neclace: yabusaka
skin: nevermore 3 and myerna

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Designers United Four

Nil and Lu have done a fabulous job coordinating the Designers United events and I'M SO HAPPY i finally had time to join one! our theme was "narcissus" either the flower or the myth...

i was taken by the various versions of the story of Narcissus, someone so beautiful all he could do was stare at himself... he missed out on life and love, being the sole focus of his attention. for me it is a timeless story and though we may not all stare in a still pool admiring ourselves, often we are the sole focus in our worlds and limit the possibilities that surround us.

i tried to capture reflection, transparency, water and the flower into my design... in the end i had 3 designs that to me captured the story; Echo's Song (the girl who loved him), Narkissos, (his name in greek) and Mirror Mirror.

i'll say no more and let you interpret the story through the designs, if you wish. the items will be available in this version only for the duration of the event. (each dress comes with the jewelry and accessories shown) * to find these when you tp go RIGHT and go FAR down the winding path and i'll be on the left corner when you get to the end near some AMAZING designers, Lu and Nil are there too!

Narkissos and Echo's story combined

Echo's sad song to Narkissos

the wait


all clothing & accessories - caLLie cLine
hair by LOQ
skin by mynera