Thursday, August 27, 2009


wow, hard to believe summer is almost over! it's been an interesting summer for sure. the main lesson of this summer has been PATIENCE!!! mostly due to computer issues that still have NOT been resolved. even the BRAND NEW computer i was sent arrived with a graphics card issue! i was convinced SL was breaking my computers, but alas, the techs convinced me otherwise so the "new" replacement for the "new" computer that replaced the "old" computer should be here next week...

not having access to all my files led me down some interesting creative paths, i finally got to collaborate with one of my favorite SL residences, barnesworth anubis on "benedict & florentine" which is a shop that sells "posh" stuff for pampered pets & poultry. part of SO CAL is "chickywood" another part is "bunnywood" and it's full of fun stuff for chickens and pets and some ADORABLE breedable bunnies are coming out SOON, and well more on that LATER but OH MY will you be in store for some uber cuteness.

i've also expanded my consulting services and taken on some great new clients who really are passionate about what they are creating and i'm thrilled to be able to be of some assistance to them as they pursue their dreams with excellence and passion. i'll be adding on a few more, just because i really enjoy it.

i also got to speak at SLCC this year via SL on a panel with Harper Beresford, and Rusch Raymaker. it was a really nice session on fashion branding and marketing in SL and we had a full house in SL and i think a nice live crowd. due to the key note speaker going long and me being the only one in SL on the panel, i decided to grab my geetar and make up some songs oh about lag, uh, SL, and the poor folk in the crowd even sang along on, uh... i don't remember.

i think the sudden surge of boldness came from lack of sleep and the excitement of my RL birthday party which was later that day.

well now i am wrapping up a job for 'manpower' one of the world's largest staffing firms. it is a fun project and will have some really nice clothing pieces in a business casual vein for the folks who visit manpower island.

i've also gone on a long blog feed diet and so i have pretty much NO clue what's happening in fashion... and... hehe

oh the fashion blogger group is doing great, oh and i was invited to open the very last fashion shows at the black swan sims which was SO MUCH FUN!! i LOVE runway modeling and plan on doing more in the upcoming year.

HMMM what else... i know there's more... well i can't remember right now but soon...

and... oh so much more.

well i hope you all have had a great summer and i'll see ya round!