Thursday, March 25, 2010


I made this fabric like 2 years ago, hahaha, and i've always loved it but didn't know quite how to finish the dresses i made with it, i made like oh 5 or more.

this one is new i made it today adding the blue fabric to the floral i made long ago. i really love it and the color and the asian symbol on it too.

i hope u like it! get it here!!!   and hopefully i'll put out the rest of the collection n stuff soon! been so so busy!!

xoxo, caLLie


click to see it BIGGER!!!!

skin: nevermore
hair: ember
pose: my own stuff
location: fashion blogger sim, opening soon!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

KISS ME ALL CLOVER!!! mix n match and party packs!!!!

wishing you all a happy St. Paddy's Day week and the beginning of spring too!

here are a few things i made for the holiday and some stuff i mixed up for those of you who love a LOT of green :)

these were the eyes i "accidently wore" on the cover of deja vu mag :) photo below

(the "accessories, ring, bracelet, hat, boa, eyes, cheezy smile)

 the whole green ensemble! with mini dress n boots n all the stuff above!

(for parties or giving out to friends n stuff!!)

available at my main store in caLLiefornia!!!! (TOP OF MY PICS!)

xoxo, caLLie

Saturday, March 6, 2010

accessorie faire! n my little shop there... and DAISY ROCKS!

i've very proud to be participating in the accessory fair put on by "GLANCE" and i'm putting out some cute "DAISY ROCK" rings for it :)

an extension of the popular "ROCK" rings.

here's a shot of my "little store" and the new DAISY ROCKS. each ring comes with 12 gemstone choices :) and come in petal choices of light yellow, pink, purple and orange. (more coming soon too)



i hope i see some of you at the fair, i have a cute gift out in a purple box with a pretty flower on it :) you'll have to visit to see what it is :)
xoxo, caLLie