Friday, February 26, 2010

need a "make-over™" ???

sure you DO...

im SO excited about the new viewer as i will be releasing a ton of "makeover™" makeups... :)

i used to be a makeup artist in my late teens and early twenties, doing mostly stuff for record albums, bands and music videos, so i'm really excited about the new viewer with the tatoo layer option!

sure ill have "cakeovers, fake overs, bake overs, and any overs you can think of :)" i'm having a blast making them and YAY i can keep wearing my nevermore skins forever!!! hehe.

i'm sure some will be more popular than others, when talking to a bunch of bloggers the "acne overs" didn't go over so well but the did like it's solution!! "zitter!"

i know i'm a dork, that's been established long ago but i am really excited :) i'm sure there will be  alot of amazing things coming out from creators with this new feature!

been busy too with a LOT of SL project and RL ones too. so this makeover thing has been fun!!!!

ok well hope all of you are well!!!



skin: none
hair: none
clothes: none

no i'm NOT naked there's no photo. :) (yes i know.....)