Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sPriNg hAS SpRunG!!!! - Wild FlowerS! and Scrambled EggS!

happy spring everyone!

i hope you are enjoying the changing of the season... butterflies are fluttering about, humming birds visiting my yard and the temperature rising is making every thing bloom!!! it's quite beautiful and intoxicating.

the arrival of spring this year made it's way into the latest collection i designed for KittyCatS! - like every collection i do, i'm always a little worried the inspiration won't strike or an idea will not turn out... that was the case when doing both of these collections.

the Wild FlowerS! were inspired by thinking of mixing one of my favorite textures, leopard print and flowers... the result ended up being quite different than i had imagined at first and i'm so GLAD!!!

take a peek!

wild flower vendor ad

wild flower group photo
the second design "Scrambled Eggs" were inspired by the colors of spring with a lean towards how some easter eggs are and other spring are decorated. it was fun to imagine the KittyCatS themselves playing and painting each other. the story that i worked from is, they were so inspired by the colors of sping and wanted to decorate each other to fit in too. they thought being an egg would be a good idea but they didn't really understand how easter eggs fit into the whole thing so they named themselves silly things like "souffle", "sunny side up", "omelette", you get the picture. but they were so proud of themselves they presented themselves as "the scrambled eggs! who had the heart to tell them they really DID get it "scrambled"? not me!

take a peek!

scrambled eggs vendor ad

both collections come with a special surprise! by breeding a pair together, they would give you a special baby, the flowers gave a "wild child" and the scrambled eggs gave a "deviled". complete with a set of bunny ears and a little cotton tail, nodding again to the newborn baby animals of spring :) 

take a look!

Wild Child Kitten

Deviled "egg" kitten

This Spring collection is available on the marketplace and at the KittyCatS main store thru April 15th. 

if you are in the mood for some spring fun wrapped up in a cute little KittyCat... well i'm thinking you may enjoy these :)

have a happy spring, enjoy the beginning of a new season, the melting of the winter chill and the time to start some things new and fresh.