Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Of SL - caLLie & KittyCatS! - meow?

a few years ago, i was asked to be on the BOSL mag cover.  i did the cover,  blowing a kiss with one as i held a pistol in my other hand, why? who knows. in the spread i also wore my kitty ears & tail... why? it seemed fun. i enjoyed shooting for that issue... i started in SL as a photographer, so it's always fun to revisit that.

2 years later, i never thought i'd be on the cover of BOSL again, but this time i got be on it holding a cat who was holding my tiara... she made SURE she was the princess. :) 

i really enjoyed working with persia bravin on the article, what a fabulous lady! we got to talk about SL & fashion, and KittyCatS!  As some of you know, besides doing the caLLie cLine brand, i am also doing a new (well year old now) project called KittyCatS! which are little pet cats which can have babies and are really fun to interact with, and little bundles of fur joy! :) I've been doing that pretty much full time in SL for a year, cutting back quite a bit on clothing, consulting and other things... but i do love it very much :) our core team is made up of Equinox Pinion, Dennis Lagan and moi.

KittyCatS team meeting... callie, equinox, Kittycats (in his outfit)

it was a bit challenging to get back into "photography" and it was a bit intimidating for me. SL has come so far since i first started shooting and it took a bit to get the feel again.

here are a few of the inside shots... and i hope you'll pick up the mag or read it online if you have time. :)

here is a fun photo i really liked putting together... the kitties were playing 'let's see if callie can catch fish in her mouth!"

an assortment of our normal cats & special edition cats playing with me 

this is in my garden with some of my Love Leopard Collection Cats..
 the chair above is from Adorkable... and it's modded a bit for the shoot. it's a GREAT chair!!!! i really love her stuff.

below is the opening shot for the mag article... i'm wearing my fave GOS boots, a pair of tres blah shorts, a top i picked up a a little shop, lara hurley skin, cheLLe blue eyeliner (top) some lashes, a tiara &  from earrings earthstones, and some of my own jewelry. the pose is from the artilleri lawn chair (moved the chair away) oooh i forgot... my fun "tram" hair too :) LOVE it!

with my princess kitty... she let me have the tiara back
well that's all for now, KittyCatS! will be at Fashion For Life which opens on the 10th of March, and it's really exciting to be able to participate in a cause which touches so many lives. i'm honored. my good friend (and partner for the fashion blogger group) Harper Beresford has been heading it up and has done just a fabulous job, make sure to check it out, there are tons of great designers all giving their time and talents to help in fighting the battle of cancer. a generous community to be sure.

i will try to blog more soon!