Sunday, May 8, 2011

RFL of SL & KittyCatS! announcement...

WOW, it's been a crazy few months. I've been loving the KittyCatS! community & all the awesome people I get to meet & chat with. It's been a fun challenge for me personally moving into a different way of doing "art" but it's been really fun too.

We recently were asked to create an "official" Relay For Life of Second Life special KittyCat and after hearing the details, we were thrilled to say "yes".

The KittyCat will be presented at the Home Expo on Saturday and Equinox & I have the honor of presenting it... no clue what I'm gonna say but I'm sure I'll be nervous!

Tommy & me... he's a large male Bengal Sorrell who let me put a girly collar on  him!

This is personally special to me for a few reasons... one is due to being so busy with the KittyCatS! I was unable to join Fashion Fair which my dear friend Harper Beresford did for RFL. I really wanted to be able to participate... Also, the woman who invited me into SL, Sue Stonebender, was VERY involved in RFL from the beginning and my first ever "charity" thing in SL was a limited Edition gown that I got to do with Sue... also... I've met so many people in SL who have battled cancer, some have won, some are still fighting and some sadly lost the battle but I wont ever forget the impact they had in my life.

I'll write more later as for now it's off to keep working on the cat for the expo :) it's really fun :)

Hope to see you at the Expo!



P.S. Here is the "official" announcement as posted on the HOME EXPO blog....


Relay For Life of Second Life & KittyCatS! Partner for a specially commissioned RFLofSL KittyCatS! cat to benefit the American Cancer Society.

RFL of SL is thrilled to announce that KittyCatS! will be creating a special RFL of SL “KittyCatS Cat” that will be presented at the Home Expo on May 14th.

Both the RFL team and The KittyCatS! team (Callie Cline, Dennis Lagan & Equinox Pinion) are equally excited about this partnering and thrilled they could work together for this very special cause.
The new KittyCat will make its debut at the Home Expo on  May 14th.

Callie Cline and Equinox Pinion  will be presenting the new kitty on the Expo’s Main Stage at 12:30 pm, followed by the launch of a live music concert with Mankind Tracer.  This marks the first time that RFL of SL has joined in a partnership of this type and they look forward to the KittyCatS’ presence at Relay Team Events, at the Expo and at Relay weekend, right alongside the Linden Bears.

“We’re really honoured to have been asked to partner with RFL and to be a sponsor at the Expo” says Callie, “We think it’s also very exciting for the pet and breedables community as a whole, as well.” So many people are affected by cancer in the world, and it is humbling to play a small part  with so many great creators and people who are involved in this event.”

 ”Like Callie, I too am honored to be part of RFL. It’s a great event in Second Life with a deep history.  We’re excited that KittyCatS! was asked to make a commemorative cat and partner with RFL of SL in this new way. People love animals and they bring so much joy into the world… We hope our contribution will provide meaning and help RFL with their goals.” says Equniox Pinion.

Home Expo coordinator, Nikki Mathieson said, ” We’re thrilled about this partnership and what it can do for Relay, the Home Expo and the over all experience for those who attend. It’s exciting when talented, creative people come together to put their very best work out there for others to enjoy, while benefiting such an important cause.  At the same time, pets are an integral part of our RL and SL.  KittyCatS! are wonderful virtual pets… interactive and versatile. They have grown quickly in popularity since their launch in February due to many factors, including how adorable they are, how well they function, their low lag and the fantastic customer care that the KittyCatS staff provide.  I’m confident that the RFL KittyCat will bring a diverse and new group of visitor’s to the Expo and help us to expand its reach to a larger variety of SL’ers than it has in its first 3 years.”

Relay For Life of Second Life Event Chair MamaP Beerbaum adds,  “Thank you so much Callie, Equinox and Dennis for partnering with us.  I am so grateful to you for supporting our efforts in SL with such enthusiasm and generosity!  This is so exciting I can hardly stand it!!   RFL KittyCatS!!  I can not wait to get mine!!  I will be there at the release on May 14th!!”

for more contact about KittyCatS! visit

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visit the Relay For Life of Second Life website at:

about KittyCatS!:
KittyCatS are an interactive, multi-faceted breedable pet full of wonder and charm! KittyCatS were designed to appeal to a wide range of customers. From the single pet owner, to those that enjoy breeding to those who love interaction and discovery and to all those in-between! KittyCatS! are more of a “Pet that can breed” rather than a “breedable” as they do much more than breed! KittyCatS feature elements of discovery, realism, mystery and wonder so that you will have a rich and rewarding experience with them and discover more and more about them as time goes on.

This year marks the 4th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life.  2011′s Expo, will open on Friday, May 13th at NOON, and remain open 24 hours each day until it closes on May 22nd at 10pm SLT .  This year’s extravaganza will span TEN Second Life sims, with over 100 exhibits, more Entertainment and more ways to benefit Relay For Life, too!