Friday, November 27, 2009

50L fridays!!! ROCK ON!!!

ROCK on with "the rock" in black diamond.
i also have a set of happy head antlers out for 50L today.

enjoy and ROCK ON!! items are transferable so great for gift giving too :)

xoxo, caLLie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tHanK yOu...

i love this time of year and this holiday. for americans we stop and take a day to reflect on our blessings and for me it's always a time of deep reflection and i always take time to really think about the blessings i have in my life.

i don't know a lot of you personally, yet being in this community i know a bit of you through your blogs and some interaction. i'm thankful for that. even what you may think is a "silly blog" or a not so good "outfit" or a "not my best" design, or, or, or... has in some way affected me.

i'll share a few examples of just SOME things i thought of in writing this post. this in NO way at all minimizes the impact anyone has on me but by sharing a few of these things maybe it will be some sort of an inspiration to see how much we really are blessed.

i LOVE seeing what lexi from stellar puts out, her little cute boots or jammies or whatever always makes me smile, after reflecting, i realized it's her persistance that i'm thankful for. (please excuse my misspelled words too)

i love when i see heidi's blog (fashionable heart) and the heart behind it, it makes me laugh when i see uma make almost anything look cute with a ciggy hanging out of her mouth, i want to say 'oh no i hope those ashes don't drop on that sweater!' it makes me smile when i see people's skill sets grow in their photos, posts, and everything.

i'm thankful when people post personal things often wishing i could be more like that, i'm touched when i read so much stuff, and i LOVE the creativity i see as SL grows and fashion changes. it's really something i am thankful to be a part of.

so yes this time of year i do like to reflect. i am a person who can easily get down, discouraged and depressed and when i stop to see the blessings ALL around me, from a warm house, to yes, even this broken computer that's not been fixed since june :( it makes me realize how very lucky i am.

so thank you to all of you who touch my life in ways you will never know, and ways i don't even know, until i take time to reflect. happy thanksgiving.



outfit: rfyre
eyes: mine
jewelry: mine
pose: torrid
lashes: lynnix
skin: lovey
location: stereo vogue winter magic

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knit Leggings - 16 colors - gift with purchase too!


light knits

(click to see detail and knee patch and pocket.. ooooooh!)

dark knits
(click to see detail and knee patch and pocket.. ooooooh!)

i've just put out 16 pairs of knit leggings. each color comes on the underwear and pants layer and is mod/transfer. ALSO, each has a "gift with purchase" inside thru the weekend... the gift is a pair of leggings in a "pink" stripe and a "mustard yellow" stripe (depending on which color you get)

they are 100L per color, $650 for the max pack. :)

available HERE!

 they really keep you warm!!! :) even without a shirt, though i do recommend one :)



hair: ember
skin: nevermore custom
pose: reel expressions
eyes & lashes: mine
shape: my custom
facial expression: SL standard

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter Magic... couple's or photo area

hi, i've been adding more stuffs to my sim and just finished this area. although everything is for sale, there are no vendors or anything but i put out some slow dances :) and it's so so pretty set at midnight. there is music playing too... so if you want to go for a nice dance or take photos, free free!

i'm just having fun putting out new stuff as a get time to, and anyway, enjoy!!! xoxo, caLLie

happy bunneh heads! 8 colors!

happy head's with bunnehs!!!

here are some more happy heads with little bunnies and ribbons!
8 colors with color changing ornaments.
(the candy canes, ribbons and stockings stay the same color)
hours of fun for the whole family!

available in my main store on the right when you walk in! (use top of my pics)
and on the stereo vogue "winter magic" sim.


enjoy your happy head! oh transferable too so you can
gift the gift of a happy head to your friends, landlord, employees,
favorite lindens, or a newbie!


skin: nevermore custom
eyes: caLidescope by me
hair: abyss
coat: ally cat mini coat my me.
smile: mysti tool special

Monday, November 16, 2009

HAPPY HEADS ARE OUT! (3 kinds so far)

sorry! i guess some nice bloggers blogged these before i could get them out!!! but they are available NOW, in my main shop, right on the RIGHT as you walk in OR... on the stereo vogue sim HERE

here are the 3 types, one had a dark wood base with candy canes and stockings and gem changing ornaments. (on touch)

the next one is all snow covered, still with changing gem stones, but a bit less stuff on it,
looks nice with gowns, or whatever, each ornament again can be changed
so you can REALLY come up with some nice color combos.

the last pair has a traditional tree wood base and ornaments only, again that can be colored
to match your outfit :)

so make YOUR head happy or buy a few to give to friends! and  you can all be a bunch of happy-headed people who love to run around looking like someone implanted reindeer horns or tree branches on your head! yay for SL fun stuff!

xoxo, caLLie

hair: boon and ember
skin: nevermore
pants: rebel rebel by me
shirt: me
sequin shrug: me (not out yet)
formal gown: divine double bubble
shape: my own custom
ring: the rock by cc (will be out soon)
snapshot smile: LL

Sunday, November 15, 2009

some new HoLiDay stuffs!

here are a few things i've made for the holiday season! in my shop, and on stereo vogue, and winterstock!

 these are sold individually or in packs to give out or stuff with presents for your friends.

sold individually or in a pack to pass out of stuff with presents and use as holiday gift packaging!

     and of course... my annual.... happy head antlers... BUT... new ones being boxed up NOW...

and for EVERY girl.... :) she can click and pick her favorite gems till next christmas!

oh have fun!

xoxo, caLLie

Winter Magic new decor, stuff, on the Stereo Vogue sim

hi! i've been having a blast making winter stuff for the past few weeks... and i've starting putting some out on the Stereo Vogue sim (next door to caLLiefornia)

i am adding new things daily and everything on the sim is for sale, from the rivers to the paths, trees, snow, plants, ornaments, candy cane lane, just everything...

so... if you've not started decorating for winter or wanna have a peak... you're invited :)

here's a few photos :)

that's one of the moutains :)

winter magic tree with on/off snowflakes ;)

dancing on candy cane lane

those are just a few photos, so come see and prices start at 25L and up :)

xoxo, caLLie

Friday, November 13, 2009

50L friday - OUTfit and winter magic tree

this is my outfit and winter tree for the 50L friday event :)

the outfit is brand new and comes with knit leggings, a classy top with a cute heart zipper back, a shrug sweater with sculptie neck and arm cuffs. the neck piece has a little jewel on it, and the sculptie parts are optional!

i hope you like it, it's available in my main store by the white winter tree :) the tree emits snowflakes upon touch... and it's perfect for winter decorating ;) it's also very low prim 6?

photo taken on the stereo vogue sim, more on that later!

xoxo, caLLie

skin: nevermore custom
shoes: pronstar chucks
hair: armidi
pose: torrid
ring: "the rock" by caLLie cLine
eyes: caLiedescope by caLLie cLine
shape: custom
facial expression: priceless