Friday, July 30, 2010

FAST, EASY FUN!!! grid wide tank shirt, go philip!

IN honor of philip linden's talk and the new SL mantra, "fast, easy, fun" i made these tshirts... find em 

and they are already taking OVER the grid, from professors (tab scott shown) to biz owners, (jenZa misfit) to fashionistas... let the message be known... SL is gonna become FAST, easy and FUN!!!

so if you LOVE not being able to TP.... waiting for things to rez.... and being BORED out of your mind, this shirt is NOT for you, nor will SL be anymore cuz things are gonna get FAST, easy and FUN!!!!!

no, it's not the name of a new strip club, and i guess no more playing hard to get, cuz the way of the future is... was it fast??? was it easy?? and was it fun???? 


for those of you who like it, slow, hard and serious... i guess ur gonna have to find a new game to play!!!!!

xoxoxox muwah!!!


GO GET YOUR SHIRT WHILE IT'S STILL HARD TO TP!!!! :) it maybe boring to wait and slow to get there but it's waiting for you at only 1L :) xoxoxo hahahahaha

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AVATARS are invading the FAST PROJECT project!!!

if you've NOT heard about this yet... a few days ago i blogged about it and now there are TONS of avatars all over the page. it's Fast Companies "influence project".

EVERY photo submitted will be printed in a RL magazine in NOVEMBER.

if you join you can post your link so others can click on it AND your photo GROWS. it's VERY cool to see a lot of avatars amoung regular photos!!! i hope we have thousands when the project ends in August.

pass it on!!! and please add YOUR link to my comments so we can all click them :)

xoxo, caLLie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

how INFLUENCIAL are YOU online???

this is a  VERY cool project i stumbled upon. 
click above and let's get SL 
on the map on this amazing project!!!!

i can't WAIT to see us rock it out!!!!
xoxo, caLLie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

from Velveteen - Strawbunneh Collectors Package for Ozimals Bunnies

Barnesworth Anubis and I have created a special Strawbunneh Collection for the Ozimals Bunnies and their Summer Strawberry Festival Hunt.

it comes with the house, fence, plants, toy barrel, stone path, strawberry food basket, and little pillow. the posing barrels i'm sitting on are the free gift in the hunt.

the bunnies LOVE this house and there are special strawberry bunnies that have been born this week that look adorable in the house!

you can pick up the house in 2 locations,  the So caL sim in front of "the Pampered Pet Company" store, next to the "veLveteen" garden shop by clicking HERE and on the Ozimals sim in our veLveteen garden shop there. (click here!)

we hope you enjoy this special bundle of some of our strawbunneh stuff, it will only be available in this version and collection for the duration of the hunt so hurry!!! it is transferable too so you can pass some along :) also we have a "baby house" for new strawbaby bunnies which is perfect for displaying bunnies too!

hope you are enjoying your summer!


caLLie and barnes