Sunday, April 29, 2007

"DUTCH TREAT" - and caLLie cLine's world tour

warning: the photos below are BRIGHT... no eye damage is intended.

de dag van de gelukkige koningin aan mijn prachtige klanten!

tomorrow is "queen's day" in holland and i've had a few of my very sweet customers request "orange" clothing to wear on this very special national holiday in hoLLand!

so here they are, i'm so busy for my world tour, this is all i could whip up!

world tour? yah, caLLie is gonna be going "around the world" and as soon as my passport arrives, i'm OFF!!! i can't wait! my passport photo isn't that good, you know how those are, but i still can't wait for it to come in the mail and start on my travels! i've been invited to some wonderful places and can't wait to show you what i pick up ;)

oh, and on the tour, i'll be having some special friends join me in some wonderful places!!! kiana is gonna meet me somewhere, but, she hasn't decided WHERE yet! hehe, but i'll let ya know for sure.

so anyways, here's the little something for my wonderful customers who love orange and who are DUTCH!!! i'll for sure be wearing orange tomorrow... can anyone think of a word that rhymes with orange??? if so, post it, and you can win these for free, or heck, anything in my shop!!!

xoxo, caLLie

p.s. oh, more great news and the "cnc" event will start this week as well as the winners of the "love ruth" contest... it was postponed due to the VTECH tragedy, but i will announce the winners soon.

Friday, April 27, 2007


hi eveyrone, here's my column in this weeks avastar ( i hope you like it!

again the paper this week is full of great info, i have NO clue still how they find out all they do about the everygrowing, "changing-at-the-speed-of-light" (CATSOL) world of SL. (hey did i make up a new wordy thing like LOL?) haha, doubt it.

I found a lot of cool events happening this weekend including the TRAVEL SIM - STA opening!!! woo hoo! it's a great sim, and i was honored to be invited to put out a few of my things in their little clothing shop, some other cool people have stuff in there like sol columbia of luminosity (*waves* "hi sol") and toast bard, and some other folks, i set up first so i don't remember who else, but there are some GREAT freebies there too like a super cool back pack, in lots of colors and you must check it out.

I've been working super hard on the sim with Kiana, and can't believe we're gonna open in just a couple weeks. It's CRAZY...

oh btw, this is my first article in the AVASTAR that features a guy AV!!! yes, i will be covering men too in the column, but you know, "ladies first"... wondering if i should tell who he is... "yet", as you'll be seeing his face a lot in the near future... my people are still talking to his people though, working out all those modeling contract detail thingys...

ok, well i guess that's all for now... have a great weekend.



Friday, April 20, 2007

••• SLCN.TV, Starr Sonic & stuff •••

This week was a pretty full one for me... lots of stuff happened and i got more things done on the sim, so we're getting closer to opening!!! (i can tell i won't be as ready as i hoped, but, that's ok... it's time to just "do it", and it will always be a work in progress)


the host of "" contacted me and asked if I would be her exclusive "wardrobe" person, and after watching her show, i had to say YES!!! it's a really cool show, short, informative and is LIVE, which is cool! i like her little "intro" and her accent is really nice too... make sure to check it out on (she's covering the tech convention this weekend so if you go, you can say hi to her there, "Starr Sonic", oh btw, she wears Ms. Bizzie in the intro :)


The new "motorati girlz" beach club is coming along wonderfully, and i am SO excited and want to have a little party when it opens for my group, (and friends too) and then, i believe it will be host to a VERY BIG party and event in mid may, which will come with some exciting news! anyway, the build is sorta "resortish" in vibe which is fine with me!!! in fact, i was telling my building partner, "i wanna live here!"

it's still in the partial "SL plywood" phase but coming along... it will be fun when it's all done, i've asked a few people to have little shops on the "board walk" and i really hope it proves to be a place where people can chill, swim, surf and just relax.


hmmm what else... oh here is this weeks "AVASTAR" column, i've been asked by a few of you to post it, so i will, and i'd encourage you all to read the paper, it comes out every friday, and it is FULL of really informative stories, news, advice, and GREAT EVENTS that i have no clue how they hear of them!!! it's a very "easy read" the articles are all short, but really full of info and no matter what you are into, there's something in there for you. i write just a small piece for their fashion section, which i learn a LOT from.. (not my piece but the other stuff in the section) so is the llink!


oh ya one final note, next week, i will be making a super super exciting announcement!!


oh and on a more somber note... the response to the VTech shirts has been beyond overwhelming. i can't even begin to tell you how many people have given, sent im's about how their own lives were effected by this tragedy and there have been some very large donations by some wonderful people, a few of whom have been well known and respected designers. my heart has been warmed over and over again, if you have not gotten a shirt, or sent a photo of yourself in one (to be used in the collage i will send to the school) please try to get me a photo... the more the better.... i know this will be just one thing that will give those who are mourning a little comfort. thank you again to all of you who have participated and shared some very personal stories, and to those who are comforting those in this tragic time.

thank you to ben vanguard for featuring it on his blog for men...



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

••• we mourn with you VT •••

my heart has been broken since i heard of this terrible tragedy as well as trying to wrap my mind around the scope of the murders....

i made very quickly a male and female tshirt to raise money and help the community mourn this horrific tragedy.

i have full permission vendors available for those who have shops who want to put them out, i have one in my shop with a small vigil in front...

i know tenshi vielle is doing something to help raise money and to help people grieve.

i'd like to do what i did with steve irwin. if you buy the shirts (2 per package) and would take your photo in it with a friend or alone, i will complile a collage like i did for steve, and we'll send that along wtih all monies raised. i was thinking of sending it to the university and letting them use it how they see fit. they know the scope of the need, so i thought that would be cool

here is the photo of the shirt, the mens is long, the womens is shorter but they both can be used.

there are 3 boxes, ones for 100L, 500L and 1000L....

if you have any questions, you can drop me a notecard inworld.


Monday, April 16, 2007

•• visuaL DNA, cooL thing to try ••

wanted to pass this on... hope ya like it! xoxo, caLLie

Sunday, April 15, 2007

bLog faceLift

updated the look of my bLog... hope you like it!



Thursday, April 12, 2007

caLLiefornia update!!! (still on our way!)

well after a few bumps in the road, a few flat tires, being mobbed by some bandits, stopping at some rest stops, visiting a few friends, and stuff like that, i'm back on the straight and narrow and next stop will be "caLLiefornia"!

the trip has taken a lot longer than i thought it would, but so much stuff has happened... just unexpected stuff, good and bad, (mostly GREAT) so...

here's a quick update!!!

• all clothing shown at the ivillage will be released in the new shop (in more colors than shown)
• tomboy opens soon! (in caLLifornia)
• caLLie cLine "home" will open with the sim, i'll be announcing my amazing partner soon in this venture!
• exclusive events and fun surprises for group members!
• mainLine, shoreLine, timeLine, and more "Lines" to be launched... "hairLine?" hehe
• very exciting announcements in the next 2 weeks.
• jewelry, accessories and shoes when sim opens
• "members only" sim access areas
• big new "motorati girLz" beach club and resort on motorati sims!!! whoo hoo!
• more fun stuffies!!! hehe... god i wanna tell so bad!!!! *zips mouth*
• LOTS of opportunities for my great CAL GAL group... and the KIA SORORITY SISTERS group....

we're so excited, a bit behind schedule, and when we open, it won't be perfect, but that's ok... cuz we're itching to go!

thanks to all of you who continue to write, encourage, "wait" and be "patient"... honestly, i am honored to have so many great customers and colleagues, and 'it's gettin' betta all the time'... so many of you inspire me, and i hope you know how much that means.



"my hair's off to you!"


this is the day to wear a bandana, that you can purchase at hair fair, and all the money will go to the "locks of love" charity...

here are the two i made for the event... they are only available at hair fair!!! not in my shop...

i hope you all with join me on april 14th and proudly "take your hat off" for this cause, "locks of love"...



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LET'S LOVE RUTH!!! (contest and free shirt)

hi everyone!!!

since we can't lose her... let's "try" to love her... WHO??? ruth!!! (ruth is that thing that happens when you look uh, ugly and weird... see photo below)

so anyway...

i'm having a little "love ruth" contest to try to "embrace" this uninvited "fashionista" we have all encountered.




p.s. kiana and i are working hard on the sims... "caLLiefornia" and "dulce dal mare" and we can't wait to show you all soon!!! also, more exciting news coming in the next weeks!!! yay!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

a spring bouquet of 'rainbowas'


in time for spring.... rainbowas in nice pastel colors... worn with my white signature jewelry set... buy the jewelry, get a bowa free (im me with the color) or pick them up individually at my shop in Plush Lambda!!!

happy spring everyone!!!



Sunday, April 1, 2007

face of SL "L'OreaL" news...

hi everyone... i sorta kept quiet during the adventure of being chosen to be one of the 20 finalists in the "SL face of L'Oreal Paris" event for a few reasons, and the biggest was... it's just been a hectic time!

Now that it's over and the lovely winner was announced, i wanted to tell a bit about what it was like, what i wore, and a lot of the other questions i've gotten im's about!

first off, here's a photo i took of isabella sampaio who was the winner!!!! she was as sweet as could be and very gracious to let me take my photo with her too!!! :)

ok so then, here's a picture of my 3 outfits... we had to wear a formal, a swimwear, and a "glamorous casual" outfit... and here's what i put together... with the help of my good friend ally geer and my SL sissy and bizzie partner, kiana dulce... i had NO clue how to use "poses" in a "huddle", and ally helped so much with that, and took me hair shopping... and so ok..

1. my formal: a gown by Shiryu Musashi, and my jewelry is from "sue stonebender's" estate collection, my hair, an ETD updo... and skin, nevermore hybrid 2 (custom colors)

2. my 'swimwear' is my own unreleased signature ensemble, (coming soon!) including the jewelry and shoes made by jacal ennui, and hair by naughty, skin, nevermore hybrid 2.

3. my "casual" was, my signature jeans in black, my new signature mules (coming soon), the "revolution femme" jacket my shiryu musashi, a leia camosole by camilla yourke and a lace bra by naughty designs... pearls by "muse", cailiah lyon, updo from ETD, and the limited "dreams of a better world" purse by shiny things. (no longer available)

so, next is my score for my 'swimwear' showing, just for fun, there was a score board after each run, and it was cool to see them, and a bit scary too... oh for my first run in "casual" i got a "0", "9" and "8" (yes a "0" not a typo) then you can see my swimwear score, and for my formal i received a "8", "6" and "6" but also, this was judged not just on what we wore but our bio's too. ok so here's the score pic...

i crashed after my swim suit showing and it took about 20 minutes to get back in SL and to the sim!!! it was CRAZY and scary... amazingly with 80 people on the sim there was virtually NO lag, and it was really an exciting, and exhausting time!

all the girls were so cool and honestly, there was this very cool feeling in the air of being part of something really special. one would think there would be a bunch of catty drama, and if there was, i surely didn't know about it, everyone was supportive, helpful, worrying about each other and i think after all the work that was put into this event, for me anyway, it just seemed that who ever won, it was an exciting thing cuz, this was NOT easy and my hat goes off to EVERYONE who participated... and gave so much of themselves.

oh a cool thing is, we were told after by L'Oreal that we ALL would get a "basket" of makeup, yay!!! and they were so happy with the event as honestly, it was so classy, fun and just went off almost perfectly...

ok then after, we went up to meet the L'Oreal people for a bit, and here's my pics with bianca darling, who headed up the event with really, an amazing team of people who worked so hard and just oooozed with care and excitement and professionalism. i can say, i'm honored to have been a part of this event, and being one of 20 chosen from the 300 plus entries, is beyond cool!

if you want to read more than my babbling on, check out the aspire blog, 'cuz there you can see a LOT of photos of everyone during the event (we didn't dare take photos cuz of crashing)
and

ok, now my last pics with bianca!!! hope you liked this little recap of my experience!!! it was fun and "worth it"

xoxo, caLLie

oh p.s. THANK YOU TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS WHO WERE SO SO SO KIND IN THEIR WELL WISHING FOR THIS EVENT!!! from your little gifts, notes, cards and all, i was very touched, and to boo, ki, ara, ally, and those of you who were so kind and helpful and supportive, thank you so much... i'm a lucky gal ;)