Monday, October 29, 2007

fashion, freaks, fund raising, FANTASTIC!!!

wow what a weekend!!!

first off... was aspires good vs. evil show and party which was a LOT of fun, i got to wear a mash up of leather, lace, metal, and i was on the "good" team" this is a pretty wide shot of the finale, it was awesome to see everyone in the audience in costumes too... and people had a blast

later that night... the "monster mash" party was a spookie and smashing hit... the costumes people arrived in were amazing, we all had a blast dancing to the amazing set of music put together by shane hornet, some great "spookie songs" with lots of great additions of sound effects and horror clips and stuff... if you haven't had the opportunity of hearing how shane can add his own spin to music, you're missing out!!! a great time was had by all, and here's one photo of us doing the zombie dance!!!

the icing on the cake was the aspire "pink ball" fundraiser for breast cancer... i can't even put into words the amazing spirit, fun, energy and excitement of the afternoon... over 220,000L were raised in just a little over 2 hours!!!

i made a one of a kind gown that a lucky girl is gonna get,

here's a photo with the gentleman who won it for 24K!!!

then i parted with one of my 3 custom pink pontiac solstices, and here's a photo of me with the lucky winner!!! she paid 32K for it!!! i hope she loves it as much as i do!!! i'm keeping one, and hanging on to another to donate one day...

the pink ball was just overwhelming, i think at the end we were all in tears due to the generosity of so many, we had a blast outbidding each other and really, giving could NOT have been more fun...

with various designers, agency and mag owners, and models, it was fabulous to see the unity and encouraging spirit w/o all that catty crap that we in the design industry have a rep for... this was just a fantastic display of what can be done when we work "with" each other... and to top it off

an anonymous donor today matched what was dontated in USD, bringing the total given to the foundation to 774x774= (looks for calculator) $1548!!!!

read more and see more photos on the aspire blog...

oh btw, more new stuff coming this week!!!



Saturday, October 27, 2007

monster mash party!!! TONIGHT

we've been planning this for a while, and you're all invited... shane hornet has brewed up an awesome set list with some spooky tunes, and we have prizes and pumpkins too!

it will be informal, fun, spooky, and hope to see you all there!!!



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more fat belts!!!

i'm so excited that you all are loving these as much as i am! here's the next set, out now... of course all "layer lover™" friendly (comes on all top layers).

thanks to all of you who've suggested other colors, styles, etc... coming soon!!!



Monday, October 22, 2007


i've been busy as usual, but am slowly packing up and boxing up some stuff that i'm excited to show you all!

presenting Persephone... a flowing, stunning, gown, low cut back... optional fat belt in leopard. comes with shirt on 2 layers, belt on jacket layer, prim skirt, prim fur attachment, system skirt, and glitch pants.

available in my main shop (top of my picks)

first 2 people to read this blog and get to my shop will find one there for sale for 0 dollars.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

do you realize YOU have the most beautiful face? yes YOU.

this song that has touched me deeper than any song in quite some time... i just saw the video for the first time today, it made me smile after the song made me cry... i had to smile when i saw the furries walking with the models...

it's by the flaming lips... and i dedicate it to everyone out there... in this SL world of beauty, it's easy to miss the message and truth of this song...

i hope you take the time to watch it, and share it with your loved ones...


do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
do you realize, we're floating in space?
do you realize, that happiness makes you cry?
do you realize, that every one you know some day will die?

and instead of saying all of your goodbyes,
let them know you realize that life goes fast,
it's hard to make the good things last,
you realize the sun doesn't go down,
it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning 'round...

as a songwriter in RL, this is the kind when you hear it, you wish you would have written it... can't explain why, more than cuz it's good, but because of the gift it is..

listening to it brings to mind so many of your beautiful faces, so many of you who have touched my life through your little cartoon avi's, i'd make a list of you all, but there isn't enough space... i wish i could though so you'd know, it's not the the ones you think are "famous" and "known" and "all that", yes them too, but just as much... it's those of you i've met but once.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

wiLd beans, belts, dresses, pants, mix & mashup™ heaven!!! fun new stuff, lots of color, so come & faLL in!

i'm having a blast with this little "faLL into color... aLL year long™" release... first, one ad done with 2 brand new models, (this is their first time!) ivy & morrigan!!! wearing a the "wiLd cat" dresses, the new fat belts, and off the shoulder new feather rainbowas™... (oh my "summer in cannes" bikini bottoms showing on ivy!!! hehe)

FAT BELTS - "layer lover™" friendly... GREAT FOR MIX & MASHUPS™

wiLd beans to spice up your living spaces!!! 4 poses, 10 colors!!! and scupltie, 2 prims, and only 98L!!!

i've had such a blast setting up this section of my shop, meeting lots of great customers, old and new and seeing all the pretty gaLs all dressed up! coLor is IN this faLL, my predictions it will ALWAYS be in, cuz, lol, everything is color... hahaha

i remember once an art teacher told me, "white is the absence of color, black is the presence of all color" well later i learned that was true for paint, but not light, lol, so... who knows, but i like it, from black to white to every hue, shade and reflection in between!

and last but not least, a new "mix & mashup™" with the wild cat dress top, flexi belt, signature thrashed jeans and my little prim pant cuffs. and it's neko friendly!!!

so i think that's all for now... more stuff coming soon!!! and watch for my new little shops "nekoture™" & "tit-4-tat™"... i'm loving my little kitties and they're gonna be spoiled!!!!

bye bye!!!



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"mix-n-mashup™" cuz i just felt like it

i've been having so much fun with the new stuff, (to be blogged later) but ever since my early days in SL, my favorite thing was mixing and matching, and modding, i didn't have much and most of it consisted of the "irish lady dress", lol (yes look in your inventory, it's there)

so for a long time i've been doing "mix-n-mashups™" of different things i've made and i decided as i would put some of the outfits i create out for sales every so often...


just cuz i feel like it... for today, the "mix-n-mash-up™" might be cuz "the devil made me do it" but who knows, whatever my reason, when i feel inspired, i'll do one and sell it as is.

so this one will be out later today!



Monday, October 8, 2007

wiLd cat sneak peak... faLL into coLor... aLL year long

i wanted to give a little sneak peak of something coming out laters... hopefully today!!! well it's just one of a few little things... it's "wiLd cat" on the heels of "aLLy cat"...

i'm LOVING all this coLor!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

go wiLd and "faLL into coLor" new coat/dress/jacket ensemble

presenting, "aLLy cat" a coat dress, over coat, jacket, dress ensemble that comes with a fur collar, cuffs, and signature belt. i LOVE the black and white, and natural and seafoam, and... well i had so much fun, at one point i was wearing bits of each!

each top layer comes "on all layers" in a fur collar or regular option. i got so lost in the rainbow of possibilities i made it in 10 colors, all mod/copy. (also comes with glitch pants, & finished pencil skirt)

it's super priced at just 333 per color and 2222 for the max pack.

you can really do a LOT with this set. the jacket itself can be worn with pants, a different skirt, and the skirt with the belt on can be used with tons of stuff in your inventory...

look for more items in this collection aLL week long... including, belts, dresses, rainbowas, boots, pants and............... who knows what else!

happy faLL...