Saturday, December 27, 2008

a little card

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the "DIVINE" aledia & gemstones

this is another gown in "the divine" collection. it's called "aledia" as it was inspired by miss denmark aledia rhode. the original dress didn't have the shrug or the gemstones yet she looked amazing in it and was just an awesome girl to work with. a true beauty inside and out.

the dress in this version also comes with a mini option (for fun and ice skating, hahaha) and the full skirt comes with a few pieces to make it more full or more slimline.

what i really love about this dress is when the shrug is worn how it creates a heart shape on the back. i wanted to try this to see if it would work and it did! also the jacket layer can be tinted to make the "gems" on the dress any color.

each dress comes with the jewelry set (earrings, ring, bangle) and they all have my new "click-n-pick™" (i know, lol) system where you can click the gem and pick one of 12 different priceless gemstones!! including colored diamonds!!!! (no blue topaz in this set, hahaha)

ok well also you can purchase the jewelry separate too. all available exclusively at the black swan sim.

ok that's all for now.



the "DIVINE" collection

i've created a "divine" series and there are a few i've released now and currently available at the "black swan" sim for the rezzable chirstmas event.

there are 2 gowns & both share the same bodice pretty much, but as you can see look pretty different. i decided to sell them this way as i'm finding that putting EVERY skirt in the world doesn't appeal to a lot of people especially when they are so different.

"the divine double bubble" comes with the bodice, (with pants, etc) a jacket overlay which can be tinted to match any gemstone as the set comes with a jewelry set with 12 gemstone choices... it also comes with gloves and the full double bubble skirt with adorned with gems. the detailing on the bodice is comprised of over 600 layers of hand placed gems and little swirls i made it was a lot of fun and the part of the original inspiration came from making a dress for "miss denmark".

available now at the black swan sim exclusively. i'll post the next gown on a seperate post :0)



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

alex and alexx - "modeL-of-the-month" girls for december

yay!!! i am SO happy to present the caLLie cLine "modeL-of-the-month" girls for december. i had a lovely time with these 2 fun girls doing this shoot, when they entered as "best friends" i could not help but notice their creativity and fun spirit, not to mention their 3 VERY diverse looks.

the apprear in the BEST OF SL magazine this month, (and they look so great) and also are in my shop as you walk in. their outfits will be on sale too in a "twin pack" so you and YOUR best friend can run down and grab a set and go running around looking like twins for a day.

the model of the month contest will resume in january with the winning girls going in the FEB issue of the BEST OF SL MAGAZINE and my store, yada, yada, yada...

again, congrats to alex and alexx you are both STELLAR girls, were amazing to work with and i'd recommend you as models to ANYONE who wants girls who have every possible skin, hair, and more in SL and who are just plain nice and fun.



p.s. the girls are wearing "taRty paRty" dresses in green and pink with green and pink fat belts. also their cute cocktail rings come from GBL, and can be found in my shop too in the BLUE room, where the tarty party dresses are too :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

caLLiefornia grown christmas trees :) they glow and sparkle too!

i had SO much fun making these new christmas trees, mostly the "girl's best friend" ones cuz i've always wanted a gemstone christmas tree. each part can be changed with a click to one of 12 gemstones.... so you can make it look very decadant or like a RING POP!!! HAHAHA

here's a few photos of the GBF trees and the starry starry night trees... they both are mod and trans so you can pass them along, a copy/mod version is also available but inside the store.

oh i'm in my new dress that will be out hopefully SOON, i made it for miss denmark and am making some changes for the release... goes so perfect with a snow cap huh? haha, jk...

come on down to caLLiefornia and pick up some trees if you want!! oh and there are some fun freebies in the store and other stuff but i'll blog that on a seperate post.