Thursday, July 31, 2008

cocobean bonneto - "cc model-of-the-month" for august

every month it's so difficult to choose a model to represent my brand... yet every month i am more excited when i meet the girls who were chosen. beauty is only skin deep and i've always believed in doing more than "making pixels pretty™" and in a world like secondlife, sometimes is harder to reflect the inner beauty we all have. when you come across a person who reflects both, it's a wonderful experience and that's why i'm proud to say that cocobean bonneto is the "caLLie cLine modeL-of-the-month" for august. from her entry photos to the authenticity in her words to the total professionalism and warmhearted nature, when i met her and we did her shoot on voice, she was all she represented herself to be and more.

we had a great time at the rezzable "black swan" sim where she wore "swan song" and danced on the water in the mist and setting sun while the whale made its rounds in the azure waters surrounding us... it was a magical time and we had a blast.
i was so happy to hear that coco had received a "ton" of im's congratulating her from her friends and other girls in the search. it's that kind of news that makes me really happy as i know there are so many "contests" but only one who gets "chosen". i do however believe if we see things in a broader sense we can share in the "joy" of winning, as coco's friends did with her.

i think she looks like a young elizabeth taylor and couldn't help but wonder if elizabeth were young now, and in SL as an avatar if she might dance on water and enjoy the glow of the black swan skies...

thank you coco, you were truly lovely to work with!



*coco is wearing "swan song" by caLLie cLine, "swan's tears" jewelry by nebulosus severine with cc, some wild hair, "swan tears" eyes, and a naughty skin.

her ad appears in this month's "best of sl" magazine and on ads in the caLLie cLine store in caLLiefornia and on the best of SL boulevard.

Monday, July 28, 2008

new FAT BELTS - by caLLie cLine

caLLie has finally packed up more of her "fat belts" and they are in the new shop as you walk in. there at 36 in all and come with gold or silver buckles and plain or embossed with flowers. perfect with almost any type of outfit. they are on the jacket and shirt layers (like the first series of caLLie's fat belts) so they fit perfectly! (no cutting through your avatar when you move)

caLLie's other belts are in the "wild room" of her shop which is next to the "pink room" and come in solid colors and animal print.


Elle (for caLLie)

care for a limo???

frEEibE gEEbiE week going strong!!!

it's been a great time so far since caLLie officially started the "frEEbiE gEEbie" week for her group. (you can join free as well to take part)

the "caL gaLs" have contributed a lot of great items as well as some of caLLie's friends like designers, digit darkes, eshi otawara, stephanie misfit, charlotte bartlette, phaylen fairchild, camilla of insolence, and more! the list keeps growing as more people join and want to share.

so far there are 7 gift boxes (i think) scattered around her new store, and more will be added today! everything from clothing, to DISCO GOBLETS by charlotte bartlette! (those are coming!)

take a ride over to caLLiefornia and join "caL gaL" to join in on the fun.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

"create-a-dress" - the cruise line - caLLie cLine

here is a small sampling of the different looks you can create with caLLie's new "create-a-dress" pieces in her "cruise collection".

there are 6 base dresses, 3 prim skirt choices and 15 silky flexi belts that can be sized and fitted to give you a look that you create yourself.

more choices in caLLie's brand new store in caLLiefornia.

i have LOVED wearing these! and love the option of making my own look, tinting, etc. it's been fun while looking fabuLous!

see you in caLLiefornia!

Elle (no i will not make my L's upper case like she does!) *winks at caLLie*

Friday, July 25, 2008

more swan song looks

the second show at black swan was great... i was able to model 2 different looks from this collection, one cybergLam and one more traditional. it was a packed house and a beautiful show! here are 2 more looks i came up with!!!

frEEbie gEEbiE week @ caLLie cLine!!! starts today!

my group is a great group of girls including old and new content creators... we spoke about sharing stuff awhile back and today marks our official start of "frEEbiE gEEbiE" week. the caL gaL group will be sharing creations they make, some for fun, some in their own shops and also some designers like eshi otawara, (of the 460,000L fish hook dress), digit darkes and some others as well as myself will be sharing free stuff all week long. to get the free items you must be a member of the "caL gaL" group.

items will be added daily and put around my new store in pretty gift boxes... yes my NEW store!! i finally tore down the old one and almost moved into the new. im adding items daily and will be finished before fall!

hope to see you sometime during freebie geebie week, if you'd like to add to the madness and fun, feel free to im me about how you can share your stuff with our wild and fun group!!

xoxo, caLLie

Friday, July 18, 2008

a swan song & tears... a mini collection... 17 pieces

inspired by the rezzable sim, "black swan" caLLie created this collection of pieces from her experience of the sim. "what struck me most about the black swan sim was the glowing water, the whale that swims freely almost welcoming you, and the glow of the entire place which sets the stage for some of the most beautiful art i've seen in second life..." says caLLie. "the sim has the juxtaposition of hard ancient rocks, flowing serene waters, and a certain glow about it that's quite enchanting and evokes all sorts of feelings."

the ring, and circular orb pieces in caLLie's scupted mini skirt have "water" in them and the movement of those combined with the soft airy flow of the feather pieces creates a feeling of 2 worlds meeting. "i love the crushed velvet bodice, the soft feathers and the glow of all the 'water' pieces" says caLLie... and the specially made jewelry adds a spectacular touch which was yet another added plus in this experience...

"i was able to collaborate with nebulosus severine, an amazingly sweet, smart and very talented artist who created the earrings and necklaces and glowing eyes in this piece, we had a great time working and had one of those rare times where ideas and inspiration just flowed" says caLLie. "i've admired her work since i saw her exhibit at ARTHOLE, and found her very thoughtful in her execution of her ideas, it was an honor after admiring her for so long to actually work with her!" will there be more in the future? "i think so!" caLLie says as she smiles. (she's also an amazing photographer, builder, etc.)

the 3 week event began with a packed fashion show and caLLie even opened the show modeling one of the pieces in this collection, "i love to do runway, and i don't get the chance very often, and this was a unique experience in that i got to not only model, but model one of my own pieces... it was great to share the runway with some of the models in SL i respect most."

here are a few photos of the collection... all 17 pieces can be used to create anything from "cyberglam" to "traditional", "period looks" to "club wear".... says caLLie "i played with all the pieces so much it was hard to even decide what to use for the ad, my hope is that each person who gets this collection can create their own "song" as they put together the pieces to suit their own mood."

the event runs until august 4th and there will be 2 more fashion shows showcasing this collection of work from SL designers including, caLLie, Sissy Pessoa, Kuranosuke Kamachi, Digit Darkes, Roslin Petion, Raven Pennyfeather, Rebel Hope, Nicky Ree, Eshi Otawara, Hyasynth Tiramisu & Draconic Lioncourt.

the sim is free to access, and a "feather" will gently glide you over the water and thru the warm blue skies to the area where "swan song" and other wonderful creations await you.

hope to catch you there...


Monday, July 14, 2008

rainbowas & gaLaxy girL out @ lingerie/swimwear expo


a quick post for caLLie... she's been busy as ever working on various project and trying to rest a bit as well... she recently shot a spread with Cicciuzzo Gausman for deja-vu mag and the photos are FAB!!! it will be out soon!

she's showing her popular "rainbowas™" and her "gaLaxy girL" outfit is NOW finally out... it's been a show stopper at a few fashion shows in SL and now it's for sale at the lingerie expo and her main store in caLliefornia. the outfit is great for a lot of looks, i personally like to "cyberpunk" it out myself.

i also wore it to a beach party and made quite a splash.. the flexi bow moves so gracefully and it's just a fun outfit.

here are a few pics, caLLie will be posting soon!! until then, take care all!!

Elle (for miss cLine)

Monday, July 7, 2008

caL gaL's party down @ SL5B last day!!!

sometimes blunders lead to fun!!! i had invited my girls to pick up a great freebie made by fellow (fellow???) "caL gaL" summer seale, but for some reason the vendor didn't let them get the freebie!!

lovely haydin & me with our digital darkes caLLiefornia vintage scarves....

ack! i hate it when that stuff happens, so with a lot of eager and UNDERSTANDING girls there... i sent my whole group a bikini for the mix up, then summer logged in!!! and came down and a few of us got on the dance balls and hung out there for awhile... of course i always talk about how much i love my group and how special they are, and they REALLY are! kind, fun, funky, generous, understanding!!!! (ty girls) and anyway we had a fun time, even ms. bianca darling came down to boogie with us!!! yes the queen herself ;)

a great way to end a very fun 2 weeks... and here are some pics taken in the "skybox" part of my exhibit... the sims are open until tonight at midnight so if you haven't gone.. GO!!!!

you can still get some cool freebies at my exhibit like the scarfs Haydin and I have on... and you KNOW you want a caLLie bobble head and "sez" dispenser now don't you???? ok fine, the GRIM BABIE??? ok fine, then you want the coffee MUG and ash tray!!!



Thursday, July 3, 2008

sPaRkLErS & fiRecRacKeRs !!!!

a new little "mix-n-mashup™" for you for the hoLiday weekend!!! aLso, due to requests last years "firecracker" is also available.

both come with sparklers, free stuff, and the outfits... at my main shop in caLLiefornia, (top of my pics) group members will get a special surprise over the weekend!!! join "caL gaL" if you want in!



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

dream, dream, dream....

i wrote a bit about my exhibit for SL5b... and ms. sassy scarborough made a nice little movie that sort of shows the exhibit... it was cool of her to do that and share it.

my exhibit is sort of a "dream" that begins in a Black and White bedroom with some cool SL things like a HUGE grim babie caLLie doll (small ones are there for free for all!) and has some early photos of me in SL, a journal entry describing how it felt to be in this crazy world... and how i was so scared to start making clothing as i could barely even GET dressed... i had 2 pixel dolls out fits and that was about it....

so the dream turns into color with a cool music soundtrack that's sorta mixed up songs i love sorta twisted and lots of visuals, some "nigthmare" elements, hehe, and anyway.. the theme is about an "ordinary girl in an extraordinary world"... how i have always felt in SL... and in RL for that matter really.

so anyway... i'm thankful for the opportunities SL has offered to us all and the creativity and pioneering spirit of my fellow residents is a constant source of inspiration... with that.. here's miss sassy's movie!