Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here they come to save the DAY!


Is it a bird, a plane, a bunny, a horse? NOOOO it's a SuperCat!

Some little kitties decided to dress up for Halloween and go as the most AMAZING gang of Super Heros Evah!

Meet the Dynamic Diva's & the Danger Dudes!

The Dynamic Divas & Danger Dudes!
These cats are so much fun to watch as the jump around and play about!

They are sold with a boy or girl option and the design is randomly given!

You can see them in person at the KittyCatS Mainstore & you can buy them there as well or at on the Marketplace.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing the 3 Collections in our Fall release and I hope to see you around soon!



well, HeLL-O-Kitteh!

Well HeLL-O again!

These cats are DYING to meet you... they come from a place where they have a HeLL-A-Good time and invite you to join them in the madness of Devilish fun.

Meet the HeLL-O-KittehS!

L to R: Pyromaniac, PuRRnicious, Phatasmagoria, Abyssmal, Pandemonium & Hawt Stuff
These cats also come with all the interactive features of any KittyCat AND the extra broom riding feature! They are really really pretty and full of glowy goodness.

They would love to meet and treat you with their devilish presence.

They are available inworld at the KittyCatS Mainstore, (where you can view them) AND on the marketplace! You can purchase them by gender and the design comes randomly.



callie cline

BOO!!! care to meet some silly spooks?

Hi everyone!

I've been quite busy lately and I can hardly believe my last post was in the summer! Time flies doesn't it? I hope you are all have a lovely fall and enjoying the changing of the seasons.

I wanted to take some time to introduce you to some very Silly SpOOkS!

L to R: Peppy, NoBody, Scorned, Trippy, Happy & Sneaky (lying down)

These are one of the Collections from our Fall "Mystical" Line of KittyCatS! As many of you know
most of my SL time is spent these days playing with very cute kitties!

One of the most fun things about the whole mystical collection is the fun interactions... you can fly with a broom with your cat on it with all the cats AND if you use the "walk" feature, you can have on or 50 walk all around you when you TRICK OR TREAT or attend any fun Halloween events!

They are available in the marketplace AND at our KittyCatS Store.

I will do 2 more posts with their other friends... you know how cats are right? They each DEMANDED their OWN blog post!