Sunday, December 3, 2006

•*•*• fUnKy mOneY is hEre! •*•*•

just in time for holiday shopping "fUnKy mOneY" gift cards are now available! sold in denominations of 200L, 500L, & 1000L, these are great for gifts for ANYONE on your shopping list.

redeemable for all caLLie cLine items! spread a little holiday cheer, and give someone "fUnKy mOneY" for the christmas! comes wrapped with a gorgeous bow, and available at "caLLie cLine" at the FUNK square in PLUSH LAMBDA.

here are some ideas of who to buy for:

1. friends
2. family
3. landlords
4. clients
5. your favorite merchants
6. liasons
7. live help people
8. suprise a newbie!
9. builders
10. your hair dresser ;)
11. club members
12. a linden ;)
13. your favorite SL entertainer, club owner
14. anyone you like!
15. your exe's (haha)
16. your favorite blogger!

ok, that's all i can think of, hehe...




Palomma said...

What a fun Blog you have!! Awsome! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yay! Funky Money!