Thursday, October 19, 2006


In anticipation of the new "FUNK" square, (the store I share with my sister Kiana Dulce, formerly of KD designs) I am re-announcing my newbie program again. Please feel free to pass along my offer to all newbies you meet if they are looking for a free outfit "of their choice". I've been doing this for a few months now, and it's really fun to re-live my early SL days through the eyes of a new person. They are luckier though, no boxes stuck on the head like I had happen, for about 3 months! I'll post more about the new "FUNK" square in the coming days! We've been hard at work and it's been fun. (oh and at the new place we each have our own HUGE store and a cool, "FUNK ATTIC" with fashions by ::LOLLYPOP:: - Gurl6 Hair, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Accesories by Barnesworth Anubis, stuff from Feri Beckenbauer, and more surprises!!! More on that later! xoxo, caLLie

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CronoCloud said...

That's very generous and thoughtful. Kudos to you.