Sunday, April 1, 2007

face of SL "L'OreaL" news...

hi everyone... i sorta kept quiet during the adventure of being chosen to be one of the 20 finalists in the "SL face of L'Oreal Paris" event for a few reasons, and the biggest was... it's just been a hectic time!

Now that it's over and the lovely winner was announced, i wanted to tell a bit about what it was like, what i wore, and a lot of the other questions i've gotten im's about!

first off, here's a photo i took of isabella sampaio who was the winner!!!! she was as sweet as could be and very gracious to let me take my photo with her too!!! :)

ok so then, here's a picture of my 3 outfits... we had to wear a formal, a swimwear, and a "glamorous casual" outfit... and here's what i put together... with the help of my good friend ally geer and my SL sissy and bizzie partner, kiana dulce... i had NO clue how to use "poses" in a "huddle", and ally helped so much with that, and took me hair shopping... and so ok..

1. my formal: a gown by Shiryu Musashi, and my jewelry is from "sue stonebender's" estate collection, my hair, an ETD updo... and skin, nevermore hybrid 2 (custom colors)

2. my 'swimwear' is my own unreleased signature ensemble, (coming soon!) including the jewelry and shoes made by jacal ennui, and hair by naughty, skin, nevermore hybrid 2.

3. my "casual" was, my signature jeans in black, my new signature mules (coming soon), the "revolution femme" jacket my shiryu musashi, a leia camosole by camilla yourke and a lace bra by naughty designs... pearls by "muse", cailiah lyon, updo from ETD, and the limited "dreams of a better world" purse by shiny things. (no longer available)

so, next is my score for my 'swimwear' showing, just for fun, there was a score board after each run, and it was cool to see them, and a bit scary too... oh for my first run in "casual" i got a "0", "9" and "8" (yes a "0" not a typo) then you can see my swimwear score, and for my formal i received a "8", "6" and "6" but also, this was judged not just on what we wore but our bio's too. ok so here's the score pic...

i crashed after my swim suit showing and it took about 20 minutes to get back in SL and to the sim!!! it was CRAZY and scary... amazingly with 80 people on the sim there was virtually NO lag, and it was really an exciting, and exhausting time!

all the girls were so cool and honestly, there was this very cool feeling in the air of being part of something really special. one would think there would be a bunch of catty drama, and if there was, i surely didn't know about it, everyone was supportive, helpful, worrying about each other and i think after all the work that was put into this event, for me anyway, it just seemed that who ever won, it was an exciting thing cuz, this was NOT easy and my hat goes off to EVERYONE who participated... and gave so much of themselves.

oh a cool thing is, we were told after by L'Oreal that we ALL would get a "basket" of makeup, yay!!! and they were so happy with the event as honestly, it was so classy, fun and just went off almost perfectly...

ok then after, we went up to meet the L'Oreal people for a bit, and here's my pics with bianca darling, who headed up the event with really, an amazing team of people who worked so hard and just oooozed with care and excitement and professionalism. i can say, i'm honored to have been a part of this event, and being one of 20 chosen from the 300 plus entries, is beyond cool!

if you want to read more than my babbling on, check out the aspire blog, 'cuz there you can see a LOT of photos of everyone during the event (we didn't dare take photos cuz of crashing)
and

ok, now my last pics with bianca!!! hope you liked this little recap of my experience!!! it was fun and "worth it"

xoxo, caLLie

oh p.s. THANK YOU TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS WHO WERE SO SO SO KIND IN THEIR WELL WISHING FOR THIS EVENT!!! from your little gifts, notes, cards and all, i was very touched, and to boo, ki, ara, ally, and those of you who were so kind and helpful and supportive, thank you so much... i'm a lucky gal ;)


Claudine Jewell said...

woohoo congrats to Isabella but you were my favourite :)

Anonymous said...

awww ty, everyone has their faves i think, i'm glad you liked the event!!! i read your blog post, it would have been nice to meet you!!!

and wow, the place looked cool on the "midnight" setting, i had mine set to "day" but your pics look really cool!

ty for your kind words.



p.s. i like your elven post too!!!

caLLie cLine said...

ooh sorry i thought i was signed into blogger...

Gillian Waldman said...

Congrats, Callie :) Looks like you had a great time. I don't get the "0" score. Did you get to talk to the judges about how you were scored? Also, was there any talk with other contestants about what all of you were planning to wear so as not to wear the same thing? Just curious.

Claudine Jewell said...

aww callie im happy you like the posts on my blog ;)

oh yea when will the swimsuit be released its simply it so much hehe... i will buy all the new stuff you release xoxo cj

Unknown said...

You were beautiful (as always)! ;)

Anastase Rosewood said...

Callie you looked beautiful! I'm not understanding the 0 score either, did anyone else get that score?