Thursday, May 31, 2007

countdown to caLLiefornia!!!

gosh i really can't believe the sim will be opening on SUNDAY!!! i am so so so not ready... and SL has not been too kind to me, however, we will be opening on SUNDAY at 1pm and we hope you can all come.

why do i say WE? well cuz Kiana Dulce, my sister and partner in our first store "FUNK", that she had, has her new sim "Dulce dal Mare" right next to my sim, so now our little store funk, is now the FUNK PLAZA and is home to our 2 stores (still connected by a breezeway) and to some other shops including, "SHINE", TOMBOY, mainLine, (men's clothing), caLLie cLine home, a cute store that makes clothes for "hatchies" (baby dinosaurs), and some other surprizes... oh and one of my favorite things, maLiboo cove, which is a little beach cottage cove that will be a place for our gals to hang, and even win "vacations" there! and we have a lot of little surprises in store, and though it's not ALL i wanted, it's a start, and oh ya, i have a new club, sorta rock/punk/alternative that i'm doing with shane hornet, well really it's his club "caffeeine au go-go" and that will be a fun place to dance and hang out... and have live music events.

so much has happened already this year and i'm so glad to do this, i've been so busy, and have more cool announcements coming up in the next few weeks, and i am enjoying all the fun stuff, being in Maxim's HOT 100 issue was pretty cool, and i'm still sorta trying to figure it out, and i'm enjoying the wild journey my career has taken, and i'm excited to be doing more modeling in the near future, and i really can't wait to just go away for a week and just create!!! i'm aching to get lost in creating stuff for you all.

i'll have some new stuff when the shop opens, not all i wanted, but hopefully some stuff you'll like.

So wow, what a long post!!! I'm excited to see everyone who can come on Sunday... i really am, i love meeting my customers, old and new and just seeing people have fun. can't wait to see you!!!




Claudine Jewell said...

oh i have the challenge at aspire but i will check it out after the challenge cant wait to see the new sim and the new stuff

Unknown said...

It's 9pm for me! :D

So, see you Sunday!