Saturday, September 29, 2007

early punk is a "sim-smashing" hit @ caffeine au go-go

we had a GREAT time at the "rock-n-fashion" event friday night. it was awesome to see so many people come in "early punk" outfits and dance while Shane Hornet took us on a musical and historical journey of the birth of punk rock, adding some great historic sound clips from the early scene in NYC.

hearing voices of punk rock's pioneers was a bit surrreal, as we all experienced our "new reality" of virtual worlds... it made me wonder what "sound clips" might be used 30 years from now about the "birth" of virtual worlds and how they will change the world as we know it, as punk rock changed music as we know it.

here's a little photo/collage that is a snapshot of the evening...

it was great to see so many diverse people come out and everyone seemed to have a blast... we even had a few "all star jams" on stage, and it was funny to see people let loose, have fun and even stage dive.

thanks to everyone who came and to celebrity for being a great hostess, and shane for the AWESOME music and all who's presence made the night one i won't forget for a LONG time!