Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ELLE magazine article - Turkiye (Turkey)

i was interviewed for ELLE magazine a few months ago, which i found to be quite an amazing experience. the journalist who interviewed me was very interested in SL fashion and her knowledge of the fashion world in and out of SL was very impressive. her questions were thought provoking and it was a total pleasure to work with her and supply her information as she put this article together.

when i received the pages, it was very cool to look at it, and in the middle of a language i couldn't understand, read names like, Sue Stonebender, Maddie Camus, Kiana Dulce & Shane Hornet. So i could understand a "tiny" bit.

i learned a lot about turkey as a country from my talks with her, and of course, which confirmed my belief that i know very little... and there's so much to learn!!!

for example, i learned that worldwide, ELLE turkey is the 5th largest in the ELLE family. i also learned that "Turkey" is really "Turkiye".

the interview left me with a strong desire to visit the county, and i know one day i will. if my experience with the journalist is any indication of the people, i may go and never come back!

one of my FAVE actresses was on the cover so that made it a special treat. i fell in love with reese when she was in "man in the moon" (still my fave of all her movies) she was a tomboy girl who feel deeply in love... and i still love that movie to this day!