Tuesday, February 3, 2009

bang bang love!

it's not that often i'm asked to be on a mag cover, and i have to say, it's fun especially when i get to do the shoot!!! for the best of sl mag i was asked to be on the february cover with a story and interview inside (page 157) and i was really excited... the idea i had for the front didn't work but the one that evolved i sorta like. working with the new editor umberto giano was a real pleasure, he's very sharp and very kind. it was fun to get back into doing photos that weren't ads and stuff so creatively it was a lot of fun. tuli was so kind to make me this custom pose at the last minute as my posemaker was gone :( and she did a great job! (ty sissy!) also, tesa jewell who was my model of the month a few months back told me where to get this hair cuz i loved it. (now i can't remember and can't log in!)

there are some GREAT articles in there, one on june dion that has FAB photos!!!! i've not read the whole mag yet but there's a hilarious dating guide too... i was really LOLing.... well, i'm not sure if i should post an inside page or not, hehe, but i'll post one photo that i sorta liked... i never wear "swirly" hair like i did and it was sorta fun.

you can get a mag at my shop... or at best of sl sim or tons of places inworld!!! happy valentine's day!!!

skin: nevermore hybrid 2 custom
hair: i can't remember but when i can log in i'll add it!
eyes: tuli's (with my ps on them, lol)
lashes: lynnix feathered
gun: breach (thanks eata)
shorts and scarf: caLLie cLine
jewelry: caLLie cLine
pose: custom made from a photo by tuli