Tuesday, March 3, 2009

more items in the paisley parade...

i decided since i always save stuff and hardly put it out, i'm just gonna put out stuff even if it's everyday. i've had these skirts for some time (well since i made the flats) and so now i can sell them in my shop instead of off my body! lol... yeah a few ppl have im'd me and asked where i got it, and yeah i sell stuff off myself at times... (mostly to my customers who see me working and stuff and can't find it in the shop)

the bottom of the skirt moves really nicely and its tight black mesh... the skirts come with some black glitch pants too. oh one skirt is priced at 55L and the others are 125L, i can't say which skirt but you can go see!

anyway these are now in my shop in the room on the left when you walk it which is looking quite fun and eclectic i must say!

xoxo, caLLie