Thursday, September 3, 2009


i'm a bit reluctant at times to "buy ads" where i don't have input on the model or photography. if others do it on their own i'm fine, but when i am paying, i like to know i am going to like what is done and that's not possible.

when i agreed to be in the modivia fashion directory i was a bit unsure due to the reasons i just stated. when i say this photo, i have to say i was VERY happy. i wanted to share it with my readers as i just think they did a great job showing one of my favorite dresses, the divine double bubble.

so here it is!

this dress is available in my store in caLLiefornia upstairs in the gown section, it comes with a set of jewelry that includes earrings, a ring, and a bracelet. the jewelry has 12 gemstone options on touch so that you can customize your look by tinting the "gems" on the dress itself on the jacket layer.

i've seen some of my customers really do some interesting things with that feature :)

the dress with the jewelry set sells for 950L.

i hope you like this photo.



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