Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"THE PAMPERED PET COMPANY" live today on treet tv!!!

today at 2pm sl time we'll be on tv?? who??? barnes and me! details below!

as some of you know... barnesworth anubis and i started a little venture into "petland" last year when the sion  chickens were clucking away... i wanted to make something "cute" and "stylish" for my chickens, and when barnes saw my "building skills" haha, he agreed to "help out"... our first brand "benedict & florentine" was born, catering to "pampered pets" with a focus on the fun chickens.

later in the year we started creating habitats and environments for the Ozimals bunnies, which were released in January under the new line "veLveteen".

folks have taken a liking to our homes from the early chicken days using them for pets of all kinds which was our hope as in SL why put your pets in a normal house when you can put them in anything?

well today we will be featured on the tv show "designing worlds" as part of their home and garden expo. we were so honored they asked us to be on the show! it will be shown live at 2pm SLT and you can view it on our SO CAL sim in the enchanting "velveteen" gardens. (if you come to watch please deprim and de script as much as possible to avoid lag, thanks so much!)

we'll be showing homes for pets of all kinds and touring out exhibit on the HOME EXPO sim. we hope u can watch or stop by during the expo and see the awesome stuff and visit our place!

the show can be viewed live at the exhibit as well at the treet tv exhibit and we'll have gifts for all the people who show up at the viewing station on so as well as the expo!

hope to see you there!


(and barnesworth too)

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