Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-10-10 day four and there's 6 more!

WOW! what awesome response we've all had to this event! thank you! we're so so glad you're enjoying it!

today i'm showing GRIM BABIES "zombie twin back pack" their 110L item, which is MOD so i made it with glowy brains haha! i lOVE it for this time of year, if you have not checked out GRIM BABIES and orpan isle it's a GREAT build and GRIM MISFIT is a veteran SL resident oozing with creativity and kindness.

Zombie twins back pack - back of truth hair

this next photo shows the indyra 10L item (the fabulous scarf!), my 10L item (black heart rock ring) the 110L  TRUTH hair and my part of my dress collection (modded) to show indyra's shoes! :) (shoes and dress are our 110L items)

a little mash up of various items in 10-10-10

as a recap... you can find EACH of the 110L items at ANY of the 10 locations and only ONE 10L item randomly put at each of the 10 locations :)

we're all so glad you're having fun with this!

here is GRIM'S nice thing to do under 10 minutes: Pray for a friend in need.

have a great day all!

callie and the 10-10-10 peeps. :)

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