Thursday, November 25, 2010


hello... i just wanted to write a very quick note saying "thank you". i'm thankful for so much today as i reflect on the amazing amounts of blessings i have in my life. some that come to mind are:

1. my orange tree in my back yard that faithfully gives delicious oranges every year
2. my little dog who is just always so fun and cute
3. my Chinese magnolia tree that sits outside my window and displays beautiful pink blooms a few times a year
4. a really nice warm bed to sleep in with TONS of pillows
5. a bunch of family i'll be seeing very soon.
6. some wonderful people i've met in SL who are customers, friends, and biz associates.

i could go on and on i think for days.... i was thinking about... how many blessings are around me and how much i have to be thankful for, it was pretty cool, then i thought about how many problems i could find if i wanted to think about that...

i think what i am most thankful for today is seeing in a new way how there are SO many things around us, things we can be thankful for or things that are "problems" and WOW. i think i'll try to think more on those things that are the blessings!

have a great thanksgiving and thanks for being friends, customers, acquaintances, and for who you are.



p.s. if you IM me, i set up this thing where you get a little snowflake gift :) lol. i hope it works when i'm offline! lol.

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